Consulting the Seniors [9th @EurAfr, 6th after Swiss]

AxWill 75

How I ended up playing familiar 48 cards + 1 preference in EurAfr: Futile efforts

This is the same old Argus everyone knows, loves and hates. It carried me to 6th in Swiss and 9th overall.

Some of the card choices:

  • Cyberdex Sandbox is good if you get to score it. You can also never-advance it with Audacity or bluff as an NGO. Sometimes I wished I had money and Oaktown Renovation instead, but sometimes I certainly wouldn't have wanted a face-up agenda. I guess 10th agenda is question of preference and meta-call of some degree. Other options are Corporate Sales Team and Armed Intimidation.
  • Consulting Visit x2. I know getting a kill is more of a backup plan nowadays, but biggest problem is if you have a window but not the cards. Cons.vis. acts as a missing piece of the kill combo and 2 copies are not here because you need both but so that you see the first one sooner. Visit single-handedly gave me 2 kills in otherwise difficult matches so I'd say it was a good choice.
  • No Archer. Had to cut something. In my experience agenda forfeit makes winning so much harder and runner gets through it eventually. Getting that glorious faceplant does feel good, but that doesn't happen often enough IMHO. I think the best bet is to put too much action on the remote with combination of Prisecs, Ravens and Border Controls and have the kill package ready to punish any runner who decides to contest (see: above).
  • 3x IPO, 2 x Econ Warfare. As Longi pointed out in his APAC deck, you need to have money to be able to score and still threaten the kill. 3x IPO ensures you see the first one sooner. I'd love to have 3rd warfare as well, but don't know where to cut. Maybe Mausolus or Hortum, but tbh that does not feel like a good idea.

Deck name? Extra consulting visit + irl I'm a physician + I'm relatively new player (2 years) so guidance from more experienced players has really helped me improve both in and out of tournaments.

Huge thank you for all my opponents, Nisei team and everyone participating. Special shoutout @iceprisma for testing and preparing, Pinsel for mentoring, RTsa and v01d for tournament strategy tips and all of the Finnish team for the great team spirit and support.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Great stuff, really well done! Also, I love the meme intro here :-) You are probably going to be guiding others quite soon, if you're not doing that already ;D