Europe Palana [Top16 @ EurAfr 2020]

iref 170

This is corp I took to EurAfr 2020 tournament. It got me 4 wins (Hoshiko, Leela, Smoke, Wu) and 2 close loses to Leela and helped me to submarine my way to top 16 (my best tournament placement ever).

// obligatory submarine gif submarine

The origins of this deck go back to Worlds 2019 where my metamate @dante42 piloted La Costa Palana to top 16. Around the end of March/beginning of April, I was quite sad losing to Apoc Anarch and was looking for answers. I remembered Palana is probably pretty good option because it has a bunch of end of the run triggers on cards other than ice, particularly Nisei and Bio Vault, so I took Dante's Worlds shell and updated it a little. I've been playing and enjoying it ever since. Cosidering I didn't have much time to practice before EurAfr I just took it to tournament ignoring all potential issues. :D

I expected Tapwrm and Aumakua to be everywhere so I slotted 2x Cyberdex Virus Suite and 3rd IP Block. Unfortunately, Kakugo was gone, so I tried bunch of different ice instead and ended on Envelope and Cortex Lock. I think Envelope was okay and is fine as 1x but Cortex Lock didn't do anything whole day.

Other than that it's classic rushy Palana deck which La Costa Grid to save clicks and to never-advance Niseis.

Big thanks to organizers for great tournaments and all the opponents for fun and intense games.

Special thank you to fellow Czech/Slovak Netrunner players for supporting me all weekend and for keeping game strong in the Czech Republic.

27 Jul 2020 lostgeek

Congrats on the Top 16 finish! Happy to see that others also picked up on Jinteki Glacier. I think it is really well placed in the current meta. Runner might have the long-term econ but short term you can do a lot by simply rushing out.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Joining the congratulations here and great work with a glacier deck in a meta that's apparently all about speed. Gotta love the La Costa Grid :-) Now, onwards and forwards!

27 Jul 2020 iref

Thank you both.

@lostgeek congratulation to your top16 finish after swiss. Sorry you couldnt play on Sunday.

I think Palana is in good position definitely not the best deck but has decent chance against everyone. As you said if you can rush out your first nisei or get to 4+ points before runners econ is set up, you have enough tools to force multiple runs on remote or just faking final agenda to create scoring windows.

@vesper La Costa is all you need for speed :D

28 Jul 2020 Longi

hey mate, congrats one more on well deserved success!