Engolo Leela - 6th at Euro / African Continentals

RotomAppliance 1831

This is the Leela deck I took to 6th place at Euros. I don't think it has anything too remarkable, but it went through some iteration in the run-up to the event.

I almost played an Aniccam version that doesn't use Engolo, but eventually settled on this, which I think provides more game in rushy Weyland matchups. Citadel rounded out the Weyland tech and 2 copies of Miss Bones came in to improve the ASA matchup while incidentally hating on a few other things. The deck beat 3 Argus and 2 ASA without losing a game, so I'm happy with these choices.

I didn't really tech for Titan other than adding in Legwork, which is also good for ASA, and then just hoping I wouldn't encounter Titan. If your meta is less polite, you may want to add Polop, Sneakdoors or Makers Eye. The game will still largely come down to a lottery, but you can stack the odds a bit more in your favour.

I think the deck wants the 3rd Boomerang and that Caldera should be cut for it. The lonely 1x Daily Casts can be cut for another tech piece as well, but I wasn't desperate for anything else.

Thanks to Nisei for a wonderful event!