Mirror Virus (27th at Europe/Africa continental)

ArminFirecracker 30

ShadowShots deck at Asia Pacific inspired me to add Cyberdex Sandboxes as a tec card in the deck.

The extra click from MirrorMorph is difficult to be used for advancing, but here are some examples.

The runner needs 4 of 8 agendas, if he cannot find the SSL. But with a 3 token MCA Austerity and Fast Track in Hand, it can be fast advanced from RnD.

Depending on the oponent Fast Track is also used to Fast Advance a Sandbox.

With Red Level Clearance and Bass in HQ, a 2/4er agenda can also be fast advanced.

Or very simple: 2 token MCA for scoring a 3/5er agenda.

Archived Memory can be used to get FA tools on back in Hand, so I prefer it over Restore.

With all the tools, the runner can be suprised, like scoring the final 3 points with only "2 credits" in combination with MCA and Audacity.

During the tournament, it worked pretty well. Just against Ohms Geist (2nd place) it had no chance, getting acceses out of nowhere all the time.