Lateral Events (27th at Europe/Africa continental)

ArminFirecracker 181

The idea was, to get maximum use of of Anicam with lots of events. With Lats ability you can get 2 clickless draws for good economy.

It is designed versus Titan. Clot stops FA. Early Insight and TopHat lets you find an Project Atlas (better before they scored thier first one) and Wanton can destroy the Operations.

HQ is usually very poorly defended against Shaper, so Wanton could do good damage several times.

When all tools are in hand and Insight showed a boring R&D, there is nothing better than clicking Katie Jones.

Probably, I would add a second Engolo and bit more memory.

30 Jul 2020 Cliquil

I am glad this list did well; I ran something similar with somewhat less success. How useful was the Faust? I was considering pivoting off Engolo funnily enough and leaning into Pelangi and the "short use" breakers; Euler/Ika/Gauss . Did you find you had enough money for Engolo? If so... where did you find it!? :D

30 Jul 2020 ArminFirecracker

Yes, but I almost exclusivly used Engolo for Code Gates and in the early game for barriers. Luckily there were not many Sentries.

The idea of the second Engolo is just to increase the chance for the possibility of early acesses.

Faust was useful, also a surprise to get acesses with low credits.

I played quite a few games with the "short breakers" and thier timig is not so easy to handle. So I am quite happy about the new suite with just 3 icebreakers.

The economy does not support lots of runs, but with Insight there are also fewer needed. The good card draw (if Aniccam is available) gives quick acces to the economy cards.

The Clot was also pretty key. There were lots of Fast Advance Weyland and HB.