Mason Jar

N0R5E 292

This is an Asa rush deck using Mason Bellarmy + Border Control + 2 ETR ICE on the remote. If you don't see a Border Control early, DRM for Remote Enforcement and rush it out behind some ETR ice. Recur BC with Archived Memories or Project Vitruvius, then reinstall click-free when you jam your next agenda.

AAL + Asa + Tranquility lets you build that remote rapidly and cheaply. Lots of draw included to support all your installs and find the combo. Rototurret can be used as remote ETR ice if needed or to snipe their fracter/decoder. Crisium is tech to prevent early game Diversions or Apocs, plus gives you a click-free ICE install on a central.

Move fast and jam agendas while they scramble for breakers. Use the Mason combo to score 5/3s after they find them.