Diogene 40

It's all about Houdini. It break and goes through anything, with a little help.

The Jank : Gebrselassie. You need only one stealth cred to activate Houdini. Pump it to 6 (1 stealth cred + 1 cred) or 10 (+2 cred) if you are not sure of the next ice (RP players like to have Chiyashi). It will stay at that strenght until the end of the turn.

The main way to get agenda is Khusyuk. With 10 possible cards at 1 creds and 7 possibles cards at 2 creds, you should be able to see 6 cards and choose an agenda. Since you can use this only at mid game, the corp should be at around 24 cards in their deck. That 25% of the deck that you can see. If nothing is good, use Imp to trash something.

Funny part, from experience, The Artist bring better revenues than Professional Contacts. Both have their part to play, and play super well together. But if you need to install one first, The Artist is better.

Knobkierie will keep Pelangi and Imp running for the rest of the game. Simulchip allow you to go at least once throught 5 ices. It is unlikely that you'll have 5 non code-gate ices in a row, but certain corps (I'm looking at you Replicating Perfection) tend to like something different.

While the econ of the deck is solid, this deck will usually run once or twice per turn, once the corp has put ices everywhere. This comes from the limitation of Pelangi.

2 Aug 2020 Aesyn

A question: Shouldn't pumping twice require (1 stealth + 1 cred) * 2? I'm not good with rules but I assumed second pump would also require a separate stealth cred.

7 Aug 2020 Diogene

@Aesyn You are correct. A second pump would require a separate stealth cred. This is where Gebrselassie come into play. It allow the stealth cred to stretch for the full turn. Pump once, and you have the correct strength for the whole turn. You can pump an extra 2 cred, to get the strength to 10, if there are other very strong ices on the board. Without Gebrselassie, you can only run once, because you can't pump the strength again, unless you are running against weak ices.