[2nd @ AmeriCon] Leela OP plz nerf

enkoder 538

-1 CVS +1 Drafter from ChrisFerg's list.

This is a story about Leela. I played 5 Leela matchups in swiss and the power of Leela is stronk. I was paired with Leela 5 times and in all 5 games I left R&D open because I typically protect HQ from Doof and try to stick an asset like Rashida or Marilyn. Anyways, the reason why you play Leela is her ability, well besides the one printed on her text box, The real ability is that on turn 1 when R&D is open Leela's hidden ability automatically moves an agenda to the top of R&D.

5/5 games this happened to me! One of those games there were 3 agendas on the top, 3!

Leela Stronk

Somehow I still managed to win all of my games in swiss. Shows how strong this deck is, but mostly got extremely lucky. Leela OP, plz nerf.

5 Aug 2020 SimonMoon

The Leela classic