[6th @ InterCon] Apoc bois get lost in Crisium

enkoder 538

This is the deck that helped me to get #6 at the Intercontinental Championship and went 4-0 on the day.

This is largely the same list I brought to American Continentals but knew there would be a lot of Apoc to counter the success of ASA over the last month. The main goal was to slot 2x Crisium. So Vacheron goes in and GFI gets cut. I threw in a Wraparound to have some more stopping power against AIs to use the last pip of inf. Both of these cards won me games. Crisium shut down Apoc and Wraparound stuffed a run w/ God of War.

Between both continentals this ASA lists had a stunning 11-1 record. It's a blast to pilot and against strong competitors with the right tech, the deck really stretches your ability to find the right line and execute on it.

This has been a wonderful and amazing ride. I would have never thought to do so well in both tournaments and am honored to be amongst such amazing players. Huge shoutout to everyone at Nisei and all of you amazing Netrunners keeping this silly card game alive. <3