Destroy All Planets 2.0

jleuze 145

Destroy all the runner scum's pathetic breakers and enact my agendas with impunity.

I updated this deck in 3.0 with -1 Corporate Troubleshooter, -2 Swordsman, -2 Hadrian's Wall, +2 Enigma, +3 Jackson Howard.

4.0 updates: -2 Wraparound, -3 Beanstalk Royalties, +1 Corporate Troubleshooter, +1 Swordsman, +1 Enigma, +2 Chimera

27 May 2014 liquidcooled

my precious programs :(

27 May 2014 jleuze

All your program are belong to us...

27 May 2014 voltorocks

I kinda like the idea of cutting off one type of icebreaker entirely, but I'd worry about becoming too vulnerable to big-hitter fracters; your sentries are brutal, but only archer has a strong ETR, and he's the hardest ice to rez in the game imo. throw in a mountain of bad pub and things could get dicey, even with your big ice rezzed!

27 May 2014 jleuze

Yeah, it's a high risk, high reward kind of deck! I'd like to add some code gates and make it even harder for the runner, but there aren't a lot of good options and influence is tight.

27 May 2014 partialcharge

If they don't have a fracter or an AI (and goodness me can this deck see to that) then a Quandry is all you need to keep them out. ;)

27 May 2014 partialcharge

If they don't have a fracter or an AI (and goodness me can this deck see to that) then a 1 credit, 0 Influence Quandry is all you need to keep them out. ;)

27 May 2014 partialcharge

Whoops, sorry for the weird double post there. Is there a way to delete comments?

27 May 2014 jleuze

I don't think you can delete comments, but no worries. Yeah, if their breakers are all trashed, even Quandry and Paper Wall would be impregnable!

Hadrian's Wall is probably overkill when the goal is not to let them break even an Ice Wall, but I don't want to go as low as Quandry and weaken myself even more to Parasite. I'll probably go for some Enigmas, this deck doesn't need to save money that badly.

28 May 2014 CobraBubbles

Cool deck! Here, as everywhere, I think Jackson has a home, mainly to save agendas from a Power Shutdown that dumps too many in Archives. Maybe cut the Troubleshooters - not sure what they're doing for you, particularly with you giving out all that bad pub.

28 May 2014 voltorocks

I like the trouble shooters - if everything's going well, this deck should be sitting on huge piles of cash. troubleshooter can force a grim or archer to go through, and against many decks, the program destroys will irreparably cripple the runner.

that said, it's a trick you can probably only afford once, and a singleton jackson might make a much bigger impact than a third troubleshooter.

28 May 2014 Jashay

Have you considered splashing Inazuma? With 11 trashing ICE, it's pretty damn brutal. Honestly not sure what you'd drop for it, though; your influence is pretty neatly sewn up.

28 May 2014 voltorocks

@Jashay ooh, I like it! maybe drop the swordsmans? They're a bit of silver bullet cards; very weak vs. non-AI based runners, plus inazuma as the only codegate in the deck would catch a lot of people off guard and stick the full effects of an archer or some such!

28 May 2014 Jashay

Whilst it is a silver bullet, it's a pretty good one... How often do you use all three corporate troubleshooters? I would honestly be tempted to drop 1xSwordsman and 1x CT. Crazy, I know... If not, yeah, Swordsman should be the cut. More reliability in destroying any program trumps situationally destroying AIs in most cases

28 May 2014 liquidcooled

After playing jleuze against this deck a few times last night i have one thing to say. Ow. It was pretty rough. You can't just put your programs out there to run another day, you pretty much have to run the turn you put the breaker out. And then hope you get something... Recursion and Parasite are this decks nemesis, but GL getting a parasite to stick around long enough to kill something.

28 May 2014 voltorocks

tried a test game w/ this deck last night, runner ran a kit deck heavy on tutors and with a personal workshop- game point I Corporate troubleshooter'd to trash two breakers with an archer, and he just pulled a grappling hook off the workshop and waved as he walked by my last line of defense :D Seems like shaper decks with a focus on deck/card control will often be able to power through, particularly if they bring big econ like FCC or a carefully guarded MO.

That said, the deck plays a lot smoother than it looked, kinda like an extra mean supermodernism. I definitely dig it.

28 May 2014 jleuze

I've been trying not to auto-include Jackson Howard in every deck, but after testing I really need Jackson to Power Shutdown as aggressively as I'd like to, and to draw into agendas faster.

The Swordsman is probably overkill, I didn't have any problem making the other destroyers stick, especially with all the extra credits you have to pour into the Troubleshooter. I also tried Enigma, and even just a couple of codegates can make it much harder for a runner with a crippled rig to get in. I'd love Inazuma or even RSVP, but the influence is so tight that I think you'd have to be playing core Weyland to make that work.

I swapped the Hadrian's for Enigma, and both Swordsman and one Troubleshooter for three Jacksons. Seems like that should be a bit more consistent:

28 May 2014 AkAnderson

This is the deck type that's been in the back of my head for a long time, I'm glad someone else built it instead! This looks great, I can't wait to try it.

28 May 2014 jleuze

@AkAnderson Thanks, let me know how it works for you!

28 May 2014 voltorocks

honestly, I'm kinda feeling like power shutdown might be a waste since the runner gets to pick what s/he loses; might be better to do without/ with less and thus have less need for jackson. Maybe anonymous tip instead? I've had really good luck with it in high-pace weyland decks for getting to some cards I can use in a hurry (usually quicker than jackson, and can't be trashed out of hand).

I also hesitate to suggest this, but have you tweaked the agendas at all? I love the "agenda driven economy" that weyland allows, but some 5/3s or more 3/2s would make it an awful lot easier to score 7 maybe. I say I hesitate to suggest it b/c right now it just makes so much money but there might be some room for fine tuning there.

28 May 2014 jleuze

@voltorocks That is a big drawback of Power Shutdown, I need to test it against more types of decks, but so far it has been very effective. It's nice to hold onto a pair of them until they hit a destroyer and then blow up their whole rig. Or to take out Faeries and Sharpshooters to clear the way for the destroyers.

I was actually considering swapping the Beanstalks for more ice or something, they're not as good outside of core Weyland, and this deck doesn't need the extra few credits.

I'd like something better than Project Atlas for the agendas since I'm not planning to ever over-advance them, but there aren't many options. I don't like the risk of 3 pointers, but mostly I just don't think any of the 5/3s have a useful ability for this deck.

28 May 2014 Dydra

No Jackson Howard to pick up Powershutdown throws? Also how do you exactly deal with Emergency Shutdown? Archer is so out of the meta right now with Feint into HQ for ES ...

28 May 2014 voltorocks

@jleuze re: agendas: I say always try to over-advance atlas: it's so good! any turn you want you can pull a hostile takeover and score it for points and $$. I've also used it to fish out a juicy looking 3 pointer to lure people into a brutal trap in HQ. The possibilities are endless, a no-click tutor for a corp is a very powerful tool.

speaking of 3 pointers, you're right that none are truly great, but if you want to thin your currently fat agenda count, priority requisition could fit well: though it's nice to pop archer up as a surprise, it's hard to pass up a free rez (ie; not lost agenda) and it meshes well with Hadrians wall as well. It might also prove clutch if, as someone mentioned above, you're struggling to keep archers active against ES (though admittedly it's not a very good counter-strategy, it is a counter strategy of sorts...).

28 May 2014 AkAnderson

Saying that Archer is out because of Feint and Emergency Shutdown isn't exactly right. Those cards will be played regardless of what ICE is used. No sense in not playing good cards in fear that they'll be countered.

28 May 2014 jleuze

@Dydra I have just been icing up Archives and that has worked fine. If they don't have any breakers a mere Ice Wall can do a good job of protecting Archives. But there is a possibility I might want those agendas back, so I have included Howard Jackson in the latest version.

I'm not too concerned about Shutdown, it is a weakness of Archer, but my ice is very cheap and this deck can make a ton of credits, so I'm fine with re-rezzing ice. I could even handle sacrificing the extra agenda to rex an Archer again, but really as long as it does the job once and blows up their rig, that's good enough for me!

28 May 2014 jleuze

@voltorocks That's a good point. I usually think of Atlas being used for getting combo pieces or collecting enough Scorched Earths to murder the runner, but just pulling out that last Hostile Takeover for the win, or a well timed Power Shutdown could be worth it!

28 May 2014 voltorocks

My favorite use: if you can manage to get three tokens, just let them dangle there all game, daring them to end a turn with less than 8 points of meat damage soak. Laugh as they blow click after click drawing cards or building plascretes you never intend to actually damage (or do you?), and then just pull all three hostile takeovers in a row once you score another 2 pointer.

28 May 2014 jleuze

@voltorocks Yeah, I am hoping that runners will waste time armoring up assuming that I plan to kill them, not their rig...

29 May 2014 primeape

Nice deck! I think this is quite a strong play style for weyland, and if you play the same people a lot, just squeeze in sea and scorch every once in a while to change it up :)

I actually played something very similar in 3 store championships, with some success, went 4-1 and got 4th place in a 30 person tourney, in the other two it didn't do as well, people seemed to figure out a bit too quickly that they weren't going to be scorched and then things would go downhill.

The one I was playing was just a few swaps from your list with ideas that other commenters have already suggested :).

  • 3 enigma in case you can pick off the decoder
  • 3 Jackson for the power shutdowns
  • 3 priority req to make it easier to score and also to rez archer sometimes
  • 2 veterans campaign instead of profiteering. I found if I didn't win early, then games would become very long and the bad pub could be killer.
  • 3 melange for the same reason, they can bait expensive remote runs and if the game goes long you get consistent Econ

My impression is that your build forgoes the backups in case of a long game and just goes for it :)

29 May 2014 jleuze

@Garbo Those are some encouraging results you got! It is a big advantage to have runners worried they are going to be flatlined, it would be nice to make the deck feel more threatening without actually spending a lot of card slots on damage.

Yeah, I am totally going all in on owning the Bad Publicity and try to just make it irrelevant, but it's risky!

29 May 2014 voltorocks

@Garbo I think not planning for late game is the way to go with this deck. generally speaking, there are three kinds of scoring windows:

1)protect centrals, use FA techniques to score from hand.

2)use enough ice that is expensive to break through, then advance during a lull in the runners economy after a big (hopefully failed) run

3)advance while the runners rig is incomplete and they can't break your basic ice.

most decks aim for one of the first two, and take the third mostly if an opportunity presents itself, ie; mostly in the early midgame. The whole concept of this deck is to use big econ and detroyers to prolong that phase of the game as long as possible.
Bad Pub only weakens the second (and to a lesser extent, the first) of these two tactics: all the free creds in the world don't get you past an ETR if you don't have any breakers. If this deck lets the runner get to the point where they have all the necessary breakers to get past your destroyers and ETRs, it's all just icing on a shit cake; barring some good luck or mistakes by the runner, you've probably lost.

29 May 2014 primeape

@voltorocks good points, I like how you split up the game, that makes a lot of sense to me. Just reviewing my list, I actually dropped restructure for melanges, which seems a bit bizarre in retrospect. I would definitely go in the direction you suggest if I was playing it again.

My only comment would be that sometimes it's a bit out of your control how long you can stay in phase 3, in particular I think the choices I had made were a response to Andy decks sometimes plopping out a rig alarmingly quickly and pushing the game into phase 2 much earlier than I would like. Especially some of the builds with garrotte, they can get out corroder plus garrotte pretty quickly and then essentially you are in phase 2 already, unless you can knock out the corroder with a power shutdown.

31 May 2014 jleuze

I tried a few games last night and the weakest out of faction card for me was Wraparound, it could help a bit against parasites, but when I have 12 bad pub it doesn't help me against Crypsis! When I'm just trying to keep them from having a whole breaker suite, any ETR ice will do, it doesn't have to be that big, Ice Wall is just fine.

Corporate Troubleshooter was really the MVP for me, this deck makes a ton of money and no matter how much bad pub I take, if I can get them to run a destroyer, I can Troubleshoot it up to make it stick and kill their breakers. This helps a lot against a Crypsis or some other AI. In 4.0 I took out both the Wraparounds for a third Corporate Troubleshooter and a single Swordsman to try to combat AI breakers:

I also took out the Beanstalks for a third Enigma and a pair of Chimera, money isn't an issue with this deck and Beanstalk just isn't as strong outside of core Weyland. I'd like to use that money to create for scoring windows with Chimera.

5 Jun 2014 jleuze

I played version 4.0 of this deck at FFG's monthly tournament this week. It did pretty well, I won 2 out of the 3 games I played as corp. But it's also pretty risky giving the runner that much bad pub, one game I think I had 8 bad pub, and another game I had 10.

A well timed Power Shutdown or Rototurret in the early game is all it takes to set the runner back and keep them struggling to build up a full rig, and a midgame Archer or a couple of Grims can keep them from ever recovering and being able to take advantage of all that bad publicity!

Even after I took out Beanstalks, this deck makes a ton of money, not uncommon to have 30+ credits after a maxed out Profiteering or two. This makes Corporate Troubleshooter the MVP of this deck, even with three copies I had trouble at the tournament finding one and getting it out on server, but when I did I could dump money into making a huge Archer or Rototurret and the runner is just screwed.

The deck that I lost to was a Kate deck with Atman and Parasites, which is probably the toughest match up. I couldn't do much about the Parasites besides just rely on having a decent amount of ice to replacing what the runner killed. And multiple Atmans and certain strengths hurt too, but I was able to make it a close match by clearing out the datasuckers with Power Shutdown to keep the Atmans at fixed strengths and trashing them with ice at different strengths. The card I really need in this match up is Swordsman but I just couldn't get it out, even that is tough though because they will just kill it with Parasite. This is where Wraparound would come in handy.

One advantage this deck has overall though is just being Weyland, in general players seemed to perceive GRNDL as being even more dangerous to the runner than core Weyland and they played a slower, more careful game because of it. Players were wasting time on Plascretes and keeping their hands and credit pools fuller than they needed to. It was a definite tempo boost for an already fast deck!