Runner TV™ Redux

M4n0 57

This is a rework of my first deck ever made. It used to have a lot of now rotated cards, like Breaking News and Scorched Earth.

The idea of the deck now is to try to tag the Runner in a lot of different ways, to learn his/her grip and either lock him out, rush the score or setup the kill. If the Runner float tags you can win with Consulting Visit into BOOM!, or use that information to kill with Complete Image

Bonus points for making the Runner get into a server with Bandwidth + Crisium Grid

This list is still on the works, so any criticism is welcome.

Thanks for reading!

20 Aug 2020 Icezox

I'm sorry, I began the game very recently but as I read it I don't see it possible to play a consulting visit on à BOOM since consulting visit says paying all its cost and both are double operations. To do it you would need four clicks no?

20 Aug 2020 Limes

Good thinking, but not quite right. Generally the click used to play something isn't a cost - clicking to play an operation is one of the basic actions. So, to play something like a hedge fund, you'd click to play the card, then pay the cost to do so ($5). For doubles, the first click is the basic action, only the second click is part of the cost.

So, you'd click once to play the consulting visit, then pay the cost ($2 and an additional click), then resolve the card. Resolving it, you search R&D for Boom and play it, paying the cost ($4 and an additional click). So that's three clicks total.

22 Aug 2020 SneakdoorMelb

You might want to get some more hard End the Run ice here if your goal is to set up a runner lockout? Currently, the only unconditional ETR is a single Ice Wall (although Data Ward will be sometimes).

28 Aug 2020 M4n0

thanks for the feedback! Indeed it lacks more hard ETR. Back to the drawing table!

28 Aug 2020 Icezox

Tanks @Limessincèrement I began the game less than to months ago with a friend and we began from the very begining of genesis we still did not encounter that kind of subtility.