Bondi Hayley

neuromantic 3

Really enjoying Tinkering with this deck at the moment. It's pretty standard Shaper bullsh*t in many ways and nothing innovative, but in an Anarch-heavy meta (plus Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist and 419: Amoral Scammer obviously) it's just nice to get back to playing the long set-up and silly tricks.

The main point of the deck is to Surfer in and use the Pelangi/Paperclip combo for value (mainly Khusyuk) runs. Tinkering is there for when the servers get a bit deeper and Clippy is your only breaker that's shown up. So far, I've only used Hyperdriver as set-up, but it can also pull double-duty for big running turns. Gebrselassie is there to give Engolo extra teeth, particularly when the Clippys gets hit by an Ark Lockdown (happened more than once!). The only real problem is when your Professional Contacts don't show up :).

Possible future switches are Inversificator for Engolo for some extra trickery, but I just like having the Engolo safety net. Resources are a bit changeable, mainly based on useful 2-cost installs to bump the Khusyuk numbers. Not seen much use from Gbahali yet, but I'm going to keep it in for a bit to see if I can get some value out of it.