no ICE-cream for you (BOOM!er)ang

Klokotze 130

no ICE-cream for you (BOOM!er)ang:

1) no ICE

2) has BOOM!

3) Runners are Boomer that do not know how to behave and deserve to lose to that kind of deck

4) Boomerang has a sad time

pretty strict forward:

1) Spam the Jam!

2) when they steal your cards, fine even better ...

3) ... just combo out with Fast Break & Game Changer

4) OPTIONAL: some Boomers never heard of tags. Those are that kind of people who run around with the price tag. Punish them!

1 Sep 2020 Diogene

Absolutely fantastic. Again, it demonstrate the need for runners to have the possibility to be agressive. Even against a runner who know the list, it stay competitive. I got this tip from MightyPhong, so here a proposition : -2 False Lead and -1 The Future is Now, +3 Research Grant. This would allow the deck to score even faster. Thanks again for this. An iceless corp use to be a dream, now it is a reality... and it work!

14 Sep 2020 BizTheDad

I've played against this deck so many times and I've only beat it twice... Once was when I Apoc'ed it but even then it was close. The other time I beat it using Data Dealer which I put in my deck specifically for this deck...

12 Oct 2020 Klokotze

a small update for anyone who is interested: the latest version I was playing had 3x Red Level Clearance instead of the 3x Hedge Fund

10 Nov 2020 Diogene

@Klokotze I changed the list and used Self-Destruct Chip, instead of Research Grant. Much better. Also, I used Snare! instead of BOOM!.

And finally : congratulation on winning World (through Limes, who is also an amazing player). It is your idea of this deck that won.

10 Nov 2020 ShinMuteki

@Diogene I would keep the Boom! With the news team it’s quite useful.

@Klokotze Good job on the deck!