Career Professional

Diogene 208

This is a complicated Sunny. It is still an experiment, but it work.

Here are the components.

  1. (MULTIACCESS) To leverage the ability to run through nearly anything, HQ Interface and R&D Interface will allow permanent multiaccess. No Turning Wheel here.
  2. (BREAKERS) Aumakua + Datasucker = cheat AI. If you get the 2 Datasucker on the board, you can restart the turtle in one run. This is to offset the fact that Sunny's breakers are always expensive for cheap ices. Security Chip will get you through an ice to restart the turtle.
  3. (DRAW) Pro.Co, Earthrise Hotel, Dreamnet, Office Supplies and Gachapon (14 of 50) offers a lot of draw, because 50 cards is a lot of cards.
  4. (CREDS) Career Fair, Sure Gamble, Armitage Codebusting, Data Folding, Pro.Co (15 of 50) will give you creds. To a lesser extend, Gachapon and Dreamnet also (6 of 50). White Hat will allow you to slow the corp down and give you a soft kind of multiaccess.
  5. Sport Hopper is to lower the cost of Office Suppliers, and get you stronger traces. Also, they will be a big help against Punitive or High-Profile Target. Also, it is useful if you encounter City Work Project or Obotoka Protocol.

Here are the good stuff that is missing, because of lack of influence or lack of slots.

  1. Buffer Drive, for grinding decks.
  2. Rezeki, for drip, but more MU would be needed, for Data Folding to always work. PAD Tap is about to be banned, so no.
  3. Stargate, because I prefer the interfaces instead.
  4. Daily Cast, because Armitage gives a better burst econ, which help better, for a deck that is normally ponderous.
  5. Sneakdoor Beta, which would be amazing with HQ Interface, but lack of slots and inf.
  6. Because I Can, because I choose Career Fair.
  7. Misdirection, because of influence. It is the main weakness of this deck : tags. With no ability to tutor it, you would need 2x of it, for 4 inf. I rather have more multiaccess and draw.
  8. Hunting Ground, to help with NBN ices.

More tests are needed, but this seems to work. I've noticed that a good ice (and cheap) against Sunny is Cortex Lock, since most Sunny deck use Data Folding and thus, have more free MU (at least 2).

Sunny might be a bit slow, but always fun.