Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Diogene 692

Watching the runner burn themselves is a special kind of fun. The title come from the Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood). That line feel just right for this deck.

From previous experiment came some interesting facts.

  1. Preemptive Action really shine here. Bringing back Snare!, sometime econ cards and bringing Mushin back in the deck really help. On top of that, it keep the agendas more diluted. Forcing the runner to make more run, for more pain :-)
  2. Punitive Counterstrike is not good for this deck. The runner will easily build a huge pile of creds, since there is almost no cost to trash anything and nothing to spend credit on, once they figure out that there is no ices. The trace(5) will probably never land.
  3. Stock Buy-Back is an amazing econ card. By mid game, Stock Buy-Back can net you 21 creds and more.
  4. Having 9 negatives agendas really make this deck function. Without it, you almost automatically lose. With it, the pain for getting the Obotoka is compounded by the fact that the runner just got to 1 agenda point total, even with 5 agendas in hand ;-)
  5. Neural EMP is so powerful if you can put a Prisec with Obotoka. It allow you to kill the runner easily.
  6. Exchange of Information and High-Profile Target give you awesome tag punishment. BOOM! could also be considered, but it is more easily trashable.
  7. Being rich does nothing for the runner. Being able to draw effiently is the main key to win here.
  8. Psychic Field does better than Project Junebug here. Even with 7 cards in hand, running last click on Psychic Field set the runner to be killed with Neural EMP or by scoring any agenda. Also, it's a great thing agaist 419.
  9. Sadly, slots become tights and I was not able to put more econ card in the deck. Which mean you'll be clicking for credits.
  10. If you need to trash agenda, the best one to trash is Fetal AI. Bonus point if you trashed Shi.Kyu or News Team also :-)
  11. Mushin No Shin on Snares or Psychic Field is an epic way to mind game the runner.

This is the continuation of the iceless experiment. The first one ("Trap iceless") was with Saraswati. While it worked, I found it did not have enough bite.

The reason for switching from Saraswati to PE is simple : pain! With the ID, you can actually flatline the runner by scoring a Sting! Also, finding any Snare mean no more run for the runner, since the runner has to build the grip back, in case of Obotoka (which cost 5 cards). Also, Obotoka + Prisec mean the runner need 6 cards in hand, and must run first click, or risk being flatlined by scoring a Sting. And if a House of Knives is in play, then good luck to the runner.

And finally, I did the unthinkable : No Rashida in the deck. IPO instead. More creds, less milling the deck. There should be less clicking for creds. Also, all assets are traps now.

There is a that special fealing from playing iceless. It is almost a permanent dare to your opponent : "Are you feeling lucky... punk?"

And then you smile... and wink ;-)

23 Sep 2020 ValkyriezGaming

Do you think a Philotic Entanglement works well here in leiu of one of the Fetal's? You can just score it from a never advance and potentially kill the runner that way.

23 Sep 2020 Diogene

@ValkyriezGaming You are completely correct! This is a great idea. I did not do it because I wanted to have the most traps. And with all the negative agendas, it could do major damage. I'll slot it in right away and test it out. Thank you for the advice.

2 Oct 2020 rattkin

Why EoI is "awesome tag punishment"? About the only thing you want to exchange is Sting! You have to have it scored and they have to have Obo or Fetal. And tags.

2 Oct 2020 Diogene

@rattkin I feel this would be the case for most decks except Sportsmetal. There is 7 agendas that can be exchanged for Obotoka. Sting bring the most, of course. But for the influence (2), it is very good tag punishment, because it will speed up your victory while slowing (or denying) the runner. Especially since they had to "pay" 5 cards to steal the Obotoka. But really, another High Profile Target would be much better, but because of inf, EoI is the next best for this deck. Note that I made a new iteration not this deck, using Warroid Tracker ("Ackbar called it"). And the last iteration, as of this writing, now use Hokusai Grid instead. Keep commenting the decks, it is much appreciated, because those conversations are what make this hobby so much fun.

2 Oct 2020 rattkin

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you keep calling it Obotoka?

4 Oct 2020 Diogene

@rattkin I've been misspelling it the entire time. Thanks for calling it out. It is Obokata :-) , I'll make sure to keep that spelling from now on.