Cyberdex Sales

Diogene 1790

Big shoutout to Red-Pill for all the exchange of ideas about this deck. It is his deck first and foremost. This is my take on the idea.

Also, thanks to Menghini for his comments on the deck, it is appreciated.

The game plan is basic netrunner 101 : score behind ices.

Simple. To achieve this, we want to tax the runner to the max. And we leverage the ID of Acme also. To that end, we'll use the usual "Acme" ices : Pachinko, Data Ward and IP Block.

The problem with those ices is the ID itself. Only the outermost piece of ice benefit from the ID ability. Ice placement is the key here. We'll solve this by "reactivating" the ice with Data Raven and Gutenberg, if we get those ices AFTER we get the Acme ices.

Also, we'll use Thimblerig to move the ices around.

But furthermore, we'll have Surveyor! In a Glacier, is it beyond amazing. They should go on the remote server (the scoring server).

We'll go for the full Cyberdex trick, with the agendas and the upgrades. To top it off, there is Macrophage, which will give us 4 creds out of turn (if a Cyberdex Sandbox has been scored). That is a lot of viruses hate. Aumakua and Khumalo beware.

There is a lot of creds to go around. The usual four suspects (IPO, Hedge Fund, Rashida and NGO). And all the agendas are creds neutral (Bellona) or cred positive (CST and Cyberdex).

Finally, no Glacier deck is complete without Jinja City Grid. This will give click compression and save creds.

When any run cost 10 to 20 creds, the runner will start to despair. And when the go for the NGO, life become miserable. But the worse, is to get a tag and lose all creds to Closed Accounts.

This is a simple deck. And it shine all the brighter for it.


24 Sep 2020 Menghini

Thanks for mentioning me! :) I really miss Universal Connectivity Fee...

24 Sep 2020 Diogene

@Menghini of course, your input was (and always is) much appreciated. That trap you mention would be so OP with Acme! If you try this deck, please tell me how was you experience with it.

27 Sep 2020 Menghini

@Diogene: I did reasonably well with this deck. I changed something: exchanged the 3xCST for 3xProject Beale. I noticed that just installing 1 card without advancements is a good bluff in this deck (just to get those last 2 points) and Beale can be overadvanced for more points. The problem is the late game (money...), so I exchanged 1xCVS and 1xPachinko for 1x SEA Source and 1x Closed Accounts. In the end most runners will float tags...

28 Sep 2020 Diogene

@Menghini : I made most of the change you proposed. But instead of SEA Source, I slotted 1x Preemptive Action, as a safeguard against trashing (Anarch) decks. I also took out Gutenberg rather than Pachinko. Project Beale really allow you get get either a fast agenda or an 3 points agenda, if the runner will not be able to contest the remote. But now, without Corporate Sales Team, the deck is a bit more cash strap. If you do not score Cyberdex Sandbox first, it is a bit more difficult. More testing are needed to confirm this, but it is my impression for now.

Here is the trial list : 1 Closed Accounts 3 Data Ward 3 Surveyor 3 IPO 3 Thimblerig 3 Pachinko 3 IP Block 3 Rashida Jaheem 3 NGO Front 1 Preemptive Action 3 Bellona 2 Macrophage 3 Cyberdex Virus Suite 3 Data Raven 3 Jinja City Grid 3 Cyberdex Sandbox 3 Project Beale 3 Hedge Fund