Tennin FA/Tax

SPW3 21

Be Jinteki. Rely on the fact that Runner will respect your ICE, potential Shock!, Snare!, Shi.Kyu, or Fetal A.I. and leverage their turns spent setting up into money or agenda points.

For ICE placements, Chum in front of a Shadow is incredibly strong late, since the Runner will likely use Femme to bypass the Komainu instead. ICE should be placed to be as taxing as possible - try to rely on Shock! and Jackson alone to protect archives. Pup is obscenely strong unless Runner has Parasite recursion. Wall of Static can go out for a third Bastion (if your meta lacks Atman) or a Himitsu-Bako (for potentially huge blowouts to Knight builds).

Don't be afraid to slow draw for agendas while advancing Shadows and Ice Walls if the Runner isn't putting pressure on you to score, but Clone Retirement(s) need to be scored from hand ASAP to ensure that random accesses in HQ do not give up Bad Pubs.

Caprice + Future Perfect gives you plenty of R&D or HQ protection for your 5/3, wherever it ends up, and Future Perfect can be FA'd if you need to score it out.