Amiral Ackbar

Diogene 524

An hommage to Amiral Ackbar (Star Wars) with the famous quote : It's a trap! This can sum up this deck.

Iceless, one step further. What is that further step : recursion. 3 Preemptive Action and 3 Genotyping. You'll be able to bring back thoses Snare! and anything else again and again.

Some change to the previous plan : Using Hokusai Grid instead of Warroid Tracker.

3 game plan :

  1. Kill the runner.
  2. Score through shell games.
  3. Make it impossible to steal an agenda.

How to kill the runner.

  1. Psychic Field + Neural EMP. Note that you can push the runner to trigger Psychic Field with Hangeki.
  2. Runner has less cards than you have Neural EMP, use them to flatline the runner.
  3. Fearless runner run Snare! (or use multiaccess to run more than one).
  4. Give negatives agendas points (Hangeki, Shi.Kyu, News Team) along with some stolen agendas from the runner. Then score Philotic Entanglement for 4+ net damages.
  5. Score an agenda (usually a Sting!) to kill the runner, if the runner has only one card.

Score through shell games : 12 assets = 12 ambushes. Make those traps come back with your recursion tools (6 of them : Genotyping and Preemptive Action).

Make it impossible for the runner to scor by bringing trap back, so that the runner will have no more card to pay the for stealing an agenda.

Everything in this deck hurt. You can make cards come back through 6 cards, make the deck virtual size of 58. This will maintain the dilution, making econ card and traps come back and protecting you from trashing ability. Also, with 9 negatives agendas possible, you can delay the runner a lot in their scoring plan. Allowing to get them with your traps.

To protect you from Stargate you have Hokusai Grid. Stargate is the bane of this deck. There is not much defenses possible against it in an iceless deck. Warroid was taken out because it cannot self protect itself, if trashed while installed on R&D. I got the ruling from Nisei. Meaning is cost nothing for the runner to just run R&D, trash Warroid Tracker (and nothing else) and then using Stargate on R&D. Hokusai Grid will at least grind the runner.

High-Profile Target and Exchange of Information are your tag punishment. Both have their uses. Tagme runner can be killed with HPT. Otherwise, EoI can gain you 1 or 2 points while denying those points to the runner.

Everything is a trap. Amiral Ackbar called it, feel free to say it whenever the runner spring a trap, it will make you feel like smiling, in the same manner as the emperor :-)