Crackdown Coffee [Worlds 2020]

ggDropbear 221

Final position: #92 (Equal 55th, 8w-6l).

Playing at 3am waiting for an agenda to slam into the server

Playing at 3am waiting for the agenda to slam into the server

This is a very standard list with a few minor changes for spice:

  • Argus Crackdown - big "what does this do again" card, is mostly there because they banned Gold Farmer and couldn't think of a better option. Is usually a good enough deterrent that runners just give skip running that turn.

  • Eli 1.0 because we're mostly dealing with Squirtle using our Cyberdex/Macrophage plan and there's a few decks that use Link to just bypass IP Block. One of the best barriers ever printed.

  • Snare! will win you games. 1-of is probably not enough but it did save me twice during Worlds, including once where they hit Snare in HQ before hitting both Obokatas in hand. You have enough money to almost always fire Snare as Palana. Just put it in.

Is this deck too generic and predictable? Yes. But it gets results for a reason. Take full advantage of people not bothering to slot the Lucky Charm while you can and end the run three times for the win every game.