@Lostgeek did well with his corp so: 8th place at worlds.

TugtetguT 1740

This is my Valencia list that I spent most of my world's preparation testing, tweaking and improving. It ended up in a place where it's easy to make it good against either Asa or Jinteki glacier, but not really both. This is the version I'd want to play against Asa.

The 1-off aumakua looks really weird, but isn't. It's simply your 3rd killer against tablet Asa, which runs three copies of tour guide making MKultra look stupid even with just a cybernetics court rezzed.

If you're not concerned about breaking tour guides you could play hunting grounds in this slot or the 3rd rezeki. To improve the jinteki glacier mu you do need a second source of something to deal with Engram Flush/Slot Machine. This can either be the aforementioned hunting grounds or a 2nd copy of ice carver. And I'd also recommend playing the 3rd copy of MKultra then, but don't ask me to find the slots. (It's liberated, but 1x of this card looks so ridiculous).

Patchwork is good in Valencia because you're forced to play so many redundant pieces. 3x Zero, 9x Breakers, spare Patchworks (lol part of the solution, part of the problem) and unlike when anarchs could play Inject and throw these unnecessary pieces, or breakers at least, into the bin before even drawing them, we're now forced to draw and cycle these pieces through our hand. This is awkward, but Patchwork makes all these cards into universal 2/3rds of a career fair. My personal favourite is to throw a breaker out when playing Laundry or Bravado into previously safe servers.

There is even some synergy with Zer0, making it easy to shape your hand so you can hit that IHW with the net damage and draw a fancy five cards.

24 Feb 2021 us0rman

Sorry, just came back to the game after years. What is Asa?

27 Feb 2021 Baa Ram Wu

@us0rman Asa Group is an HB Corp that usually tends to play a horizontal strategy. It sets up very fast with lots of single iced servers and uses Fully Operation aka ‘Flop’ to get insane value and tempo - usually along side Rashida and VLC.

This List did very well at intercontinental last year and spawned a lot of decks that used this shell to do everything from Punitive to HHN Boom plays. And even some ridiculous junk which “shouldn’t work but did” - like this!