Maximum Diversion - Prep for intercontinentals

Bridgeman 511

This is a maxx deck I was practicing quite a bit for intercontinentals. I didnt end up bringing it, but I felt it´s interesting enough to post. :D

What is good about it? - Through only a few deck slots(dof,stargate) you establish heavy pressure on both R&D and HQ early. - Your breakers will show up by default from your ID ability, and in the meantime you are free to money up/apply pressure. - In the late game you can abuse labor rights in combination with dof to completely starve the corp of credits. Rebirth to prevent maxx from trashing the cards you are recycling.

Pretty clean and simple.

Day job is actually good here as it gives a lot of money for just one deck slot, which is nice in a Maxx deck. Also Maxx gives card drip even on your day job turns.

Neat things:

  • Buffer drive can be popped to recycle dof. Just remember that you need a way to play labor rights once you run out of deck.
  • Buffer drive is triggered by patchwork


  • When you eventually run out of cards stealing an obokata or city works can become challening, plan for this ahead of time.
  • The deck cant contest a lot of assets early, though if you can land some bad pub you might catch up. Dof and stargate definitely help here as asset heavy decks are pretty thin on ice.
  • The high variance of Maxx means you sometimes trash the cards you want the most, however as long as you can land one labor rights when you run out of deck the rest will follow. Buffer drive also helps.