midseasons combo

x3r0h0ur 8685

Recreating Running Bear's midseasons combo, now with fast track to make it super sick. The bigger issue with the older version was finding the beale in time, now we can fast track it in for ultimate 13 advance justice.

30 May 2014 chill84

Trade your celebrity gifts for better ice and melange mining corp, it's hard for anyone but HB to pace a runner on credits, melange can help. Gift is a basically a full-turn action everytime you use it anyhow. Honestly, even blue level clearance is a better double transaction for this deck I think.

30 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

If the runner just spends time making money, so do you, and then you score out via sansan. The good part is that you can afford to just money up. I do think the melange was too good to cut, but I'm not sure what to slot it over.

31 May 2014 Talism

add 1 scorched, runner sees it, might slow them down, swap market research for NAPD, slows the runner down and helps with midseasons.

i really hate celebrity gift in anything but high net damage jintek information is king

31 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

I hate adding cards for bluffs. Napd is okay, but i like having an unequal agenda to be able to psycho for 4 credits. Tgtbt is plenty of tax on steal. Gift is the best burst econ, I don't see any downside. Restructure is my next econ choice but the floor is so high. If the econ is plentiful then I might swap gift for vipers and use restructure and if I find fast tracks and beales enough, then maybe I'd swap out with market research.

31 May 2014 Garbo

Some feedback from playing pretty much the same deck but with napd, and a bit closer to running bear's original build with melange, breaking news, and closed accounts still in. I second what @Talism said about napd, it's been an all star card for me, and I had slotted in one fast track and it was great, although I seem to use it more often to grab an astro, than a Beale.

1 Jun 2014 Empty_World

Hmm,I just cannot figure out why spend 12 influence on celebrity gift,a little bizarre to me.

1 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

For the massive burst money. You need a huge amount of money to land a big midseasons to get 13+ tags, then also 13 to spend when you find a beale. You need craploads of burst econ, what other card could you use to get that much?

1 Jun 2014 rediknight

I cannot stess enough how awesome Data Raven is when you have Psychographics in your deck. Sometimes you might just give them 8 tags with Midseasons and then they will go tag me and build themselves up to 13 and you can score 1 Beale for the win. Also there have been plenty of times when someone plays Account Siphon and I rez a Data Raven on HQ. If they can't clear all tags right away they go Tag me. Then before you know it I Pscyho Beale them without even playing a Midseasons.

1 Jun 2014 rediknight

I have 3 Data Ravens and all my influence is on Scorched. So much better than Celebrity Gift. I'm running this in TWIY*. My ice is 3 Data Ravens. 2 Tollbooths. 1 Flare (Kills Plascrete all the time.) 1 Pop-up window. 2 RSVP's (protects San San and Jackson and combos great with the other ice.) 2 Wraparounds. 1 Quandary. Wraparound is sooooooo good. Parasite, Katman, and Overmind decks hate Wraparound.

1 Jun 2014 rediknight

Also TGTBT is almost pointless without Closed Accts. or Scorched. I have 2 TGTBT and win many games with it but that is because I have the tag punishment.

2 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

I wholeheartedly agree with data raven, but in a meta of siphon and indexing, it feels very risky. With this much econ, it might be right though.

I thought about scorch, I have a full on TWIY scorch deck that is quite effective, I felt like a dedicated psycho build was in order.

On TGTBT, it's essentially just midseasons bait, as most runners will scrub the tag fearing closed accounts, so that's a click and 2 credits. I don't think anyone can operate under the assumption NBN isn't running closed. I might find some room to slot it though, it is very good.

2 Jun 2014 fredugolon

Love the concept behind this. Also really enjoy the ICE choices. I definitely feel the power of Celebrity Gift. The only change that strikes me without having piloted it myself is maybe ditching two or all three of your Sweeps Weeks for more cheap ETR ICE. Sweeps week isn't, on average, an amazing yield and I feel like you could benefit from having more ICE in your opening hand.

2 Jun 2014 secretsecret

Could you post that scorchy deck x3r0?

2 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

@secretsecret netrunnerdb.com