Mirror with just 6 Agendas (40th at worlds)

ArminFirecracker 208

Worked pretty well against Leela. The runner needs to steal usually 3 out of 6 agendas. That gives some time.

The little trick here is: The Vanity can be scored with a full MCA and a Red Level Clearance from Hand.

The deck lost me only one game :)

18 Oct 2020 Krasty

How you can use RLC in that combo? Install is "non-agenda"!

19 Oct 2020 Vale

@Krasty I think it just uses RLC to meet MirrorMorph's condition, like:

  1. RLC, gain 2 credits and gain a click, 3 clicks left
  2. Install VP, 2 clicks left
  3. Advance VP, 1 click left
  4. MirrorMorph click, pop MCA, 5 clicks left
  5. to 9. Advance VP and score
19 Oct 2020 5N00P1

@Vale but Vanity is a 6/4 and you only explain 5 clicks.

22 Oct 2020 ArminFirecracker

Fast advancing a Vanity works like this:

  1. Red Level Clearance, gain a click (and something else)
  2. Trigger MCA, gain 4 clicks
  3. Install Vanity
  4. Advance Vanity (Mirror Morph Click) 5 clicks remain for advancing

With Biotic Labor, it would even be possible to do it with a MCA with 2 counters or fetch the agenda with Fast Track. But I was running into credits problems like that.

31 Oct 2020 Diogene

@ArminFirecracker Why one Rime and one Rainbow? Why not 2 Rime? It seems to me that you could leverage Rime more with 2, on even 3 if you take out the Vanilla. This is a very nice deck, I like the trick of GFI and VP, very nice.

22 Apr 2021 ArminFirecracker

With 6 influence spend on agendas, there was not so much left for the ICE. Seidr Adaptive Barrier and Surveyor are obviously strong with Jinja City Grid. Rime also falls into this category, but helps to little on a 1-2 ICE server.

Without any influence, I looked for a cheap ICE with height strength. Rainbow is not the first choice, but did okay in this deck. Rime would only help in the late game, I wouldn't add more than one.