Entrance to University

Diogene 517

Sunny setup! Making an Entrance (MaE) + Gachapon allow you to look through a lot of you deck for pretty cheap. To install those program, use Chatterjee University. Just fill it with 5 counters and install you whole suite of program for free.

Of course, program do not come in the right order, but that can be alleviated with MaE.

Multiaccess come from The Gauntlet and Turning Wheel.

You have lot of draw with Office Supplies and possibly Sports Hopper.

Tech cards are Aumakua, Misdirection and Hunting Ground. Aumakua will let you build pressure through your runs. It also make corps ice up everything, making glacier less thick. Misdirection is amazing when you are against NBN and Weyland, who often use Hard-Hitting News. Once on the board, you'll fear no tags. Hunting Ground will shutdown multiple nasty ices and is another target for Gachapon.

You can get a lot of drips from Data Folding + Rezeki. Dreamnet and Daily Cast will help also.

It is still a Sunny deck, meaning it is rather slow. It build toward inevitability, but you may have to take risky moves vs fast advance corps.


20 Oct 2020 Cpt_nice

Why misdirection and not No One Home? Less influence, doesn't take up MU, tutorable and no anti-synergy with Data Folding if you cant find The Gauntlet.

Speaking off, why that console? The extra MU is wasted in Sunny and for what it gives you it is quite expensive. Nexus is expensive but has an always relevant effect.

Chatterjee University is a fun idea but is very click intensive, and as you yourself acknowledge, Sunny is incredibly slow. This will negate any speed you gain from making an entrance, which I also don't really like as a card if you are not playing bin breakers. Maybe you'd be better of with Modded?

Fun deck idea overall.

20 Oct 2020 Diogene

@Cpt_nice Those are valid points. I'll first state that it is not an accelerated version of Sunny. If I was going that way, I would probably use something like Peace In Our Time and Modded to setup early. I'll look into it.

For Misdirection, I find it is a great deterrent for using HHN. For No One Home, you'll need to keep up a credit lead, or at least make it a possibly expensive proposition to the corp. For one influence more, Misdirection (which cost 0 creds) will provide more protection. But No One Home (and Citadel Sanctuary) could be used also. I'll try them and I'll see if it is better. No One Home, as you mentionned, has a much better synergy with Gachapon. There is a lot of targets (19 possible cards) for Gachapon.

Chatterjee University may seem click intensive, but it will cost less click than using Armitage Codebusting for the same effect. In a perfect setup (unlikely with Gachapon), you will be able to install all the breakers and one Rezeki. You'll need 6 clicks for "filling" Chatterjee and 5 clicks to install the programs (for free). For a cost of 1 creds and one click to install the card, same as Armitage, so we'll not take it in consideration. If I want to do the same with Armitage (the most readily available econ card), I will use 5 click to install programs, for a total cost of 17 creds (5+4+3+3+2). But to get those 17 creds, you will need 9 clicks of Armitage, on two Armitage, meaning one more click to install the second Armitage. For a total of 15 clicks. In both case, you would end up with the same gain of 0 creds after installing the 5 programs. But it will take you 4 clicks less, which is a full turn. The setup is helped in good part by Making an Entrance, which will help to put the cards in proper order. I feel Chatterjee help a lot in the sense it reward the drip economy, by letting it work while you use your clicks on something else.

Initially, I was using Pro.Co to mill the deck. It was a very good combo with Sunny, because of the 50 cards deck size. But its install cost of 5 creds hurt and I was finding myself clicking for creds. Here, you have less chance of clicking for creds.

I thought of using Street Pedler, with Gachapon, to thin the deck while installing for cheaper. But that would mean throwing away too many cards. This version of the deck is meant to use not use clicks for creds.

In a previous deck, I tried using Modded and Career Fair, but it is difficult to get the cards to come together in a 50 cards deck. Possibly, Artist Colony with Fan Site, could provide instant install. Couple with Stimhack and maybe SMC, it could speed up Sunny. Sadly, this would cost a lot of influence. The cheapest way to tutor a program is either Special Order or Gachapon.

Finally, The Gauntlet has great value for me. It allow me to install Misdirection (it could have been a third Rezeki) and provide excellent multiaccess to one of the central, letting me use Turning Wheel exclusively on R&D. It also punish the corp for icing up HQ. Because Sunny is sure to break every ices, once properly setup. At the cost of 1 influence per card, it is very accessible. I had difficulties making Nexus work, because of the tempo lost with the cost of 8 creds. And getting the additional links is not cheap. If I did not use Gauntlet, I would probably consider Paragon, for the extra drip, Supercorridor, for hand size and possible creds or Vigil, for the free draw.

This is a long reply. I'll take into serious consideration your comments. It might be fun to try to accelerate Sunny. Rigged Result would be nice, along with Boomerang, to rush the corp early for pretty cheap. Labor Right could be used also. This would be a fun experiment. I'm thinking that going with 3x of all GS breakers, along with Gachapon and Street Peddler, could really accelerate setup. Then, only Rezeki and Paragon. I'll post it when I try it :-)

If you want, we can make it a competition for the fastest Sunny deck ;-) . You already proved that you can make the best Sunny deck. Legendary champion (you) versus an almost novice janky runner. You don't have to take up that offer, but I would gladly try (and probably loose) to make a fast Sunny.

Thanks for the comments, it made my creativity run! It is greatly appreciated (but what a lengthly post, congrats to anyone who read the whole thing).

21 Oct 2020 Cpt_nice

@Diogene In the case of Sunny, the corp doesn't just need a lead, they need to outmoney you by a lot. If Sunny has no other link cards and 8 credits (which is the minimum you should strive for anyway), the corp needs to spend 3 + 7 + 11 = 21 credits to make a HHN stick. If they are dipping that low they are pretty desperate. And the math gets even worse if you have some link up. No One Home also protects against net damage, so it helps you dodge Snares and other nasty things, so it has way more applications. I think there is no strong case for Misdirection.

I think the Armitage comparison is pretty since that card isn't good and only played when other options are lacking. Your Chattertjee scenario is the absolute best case and frankly not very realistic. It requires you to draw Chattertjee, be in a position to spend 2 turns to install and click it, while drawing into your programs in the correct order and install them in the right order. I get the idea that you wanna stack your deck with Making an Entrance, but that just adds two more clicks into the mix.

I agree that Proco is too much to install and sets you back too much. But if you find yourself clicking for credits a lot, you might want to consider Kati Jones?

I disagree that Sunny can deal with every ice. Sure, in theory,but her breaker suite is expensive and boosts awkwardly. A server with an Enigma and and Slot Machine costs you 10 credits. That's why I lean hard on turtle, but even then I often have an expensive ice I can't deal with. Nexus is expensive but immediately pays you back, being able to inside job any ice you want once per turn. If you by pass a strength 6 surveyor three times in a game while you're at 3 link, that saves you 12 credits. And I often use Nexus 5 - 10 times or even more often. Not to mention it also helps you make Office Supplies better. Hopper does the same thing, but it only provides link and incidental protection vs Punitive and stuff. Using it for regular draw is incredibly inefficient. In fact, you mention having a lot of draw but I only see Office Supplies, since we can ignore Hopper. Deuces Wild is probably a card you should consider.

All those other consoles you describe are better options for sure, but I think you shouldn't sleep on Nexus. There is a reason it gets splashed in criminal despite being 3 influence, while Gauntlet rarely saw play even at the height of its popularity and while being 1 inf.

Long comment too, but I am always happy to discuss Sunny! Let me state again that I like the idea of this deck and I don't want to give the impression that I "solved" Sunny. But I do think the theories behind the set up off this deck aren't completely sound. If it works for you though, that's all that matters.

If you want to play a game sometime, hit me up on Discord!

22 Oct 2020 Diogene

@Cpt_nice You bring up very interesting points. Deuces Wild is an amazing card with a lot of versatility. Better yet, it had good synergy with Aumakua.

Armitage Codebusting is more favorable than Kati Jones, I think. Armitage will get you a net of 11 creds in 6 clicks. Kati Jones will give you a net of 13 creds in 6 clicks. Kati Jones is better econ. But much more slow. Armitage has two advantage over Kati : if trashed, it does not cost you any clicks investment. And you can get a "burst" econ if needed in a pinch, by clicking through it.

I've posted my new experiment for speeding Sunny. Tell me what you think of it if you will.

Thanks for the analysis. It made me think of new experiment. I still want to experiment Sunny with alternative tools like Engolo, Paperclip, Chameleon and Cybertrooper. There is potential here.