Real Fast Medic

Diogene 524

I tried real hard to fast advance with Harmony. I tried to make is expensive, with Chiyashi and stuff, but it does not work well. I tried with Border Control. It work better. But still difficult, if you are unlucky with the draw.

6 of 9 agendas take 3 clicks to score. It means those can be scored from hand. There is 9 fast advance cards in the deck, that's 20%, or one in five. Biotic Labor (BL), Mushin No Shin (MNS) and La Costa Grid (LCG).

MNS, you want to have an ETR ice in hand. Mushin an agenda and put an ETR on it. Early, it is strong. We are Jinteki and people are wary of Mushin the first time. It will not work a second time, so trash it if you have a second Mushin.

BL is the usual, use is to score from the hand if possible.

LCG allow you to score in one turn the 3 agendas that requires 4 clicks (and creds). It also allow you to charge up a Bio Vault.

Anansi is for the rare case where you have creds and you absolutely need to stall the runner.

This deck is meant to win in 12 turns or less. Ices are cheaps (with one exception), and you'll use LCG and Biotic maximum 3 times. So it is not too expensive. Because the deck goes really fast, Cortex Lock is super strong. It will stall the player and sometime cause huge damage on a facecheck.

And now, no more IPO. We are a full medic. Medical Research Fundraiser will accelerate the deck even more.


30 Oct 2020 DonLoverGate

I'm not sure if I understand La Costa in this deck - if you're FA'ing, why secure a remote?

30 Oct 2020 Diogene

@DonLoverGate La Costa allow two things : First, it allow you to score a 2/4 agenda on the next turn it is installed. Second, it allow you to "charge" Bio Vault clicklessly (and for free). The goal was to use as much fast advance tools as possible.

Trick of light could have been used, but there was a lack of slots for it. This version of Harmony Medtech goes pretty fast. You need some protection, which should be enough because it does not allow the runner to properly setup the board.

The best thing that can happen is to get a Medical Breakthrough stolen early. This will speed up the deck, because you'll have only 2 agendas that really need 4 advancements.

Thank you for your comment and question.