Stealth Wunderkind - Undefeated in GLC Modded October 2020

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thepooterlooter 35

I've been trying to figure out the best way to play stealth in modded for a few months and I think this deck is pretty close to correct. There are a few changes that can still be made (which I'll discuss below), but the build has been very successful. The main game plan is basic stealth/shaper stuff: set up a rig quickly, run with high credit efficiency. The main reason to play stealth, in my estimation, is penrose. As I say in my corp writeup, I think tollbooth is the best ice in the format and penrose is the most efficient at breaking it by a wide margin.

Card choices:

Chaos Theory: I first tried building this deck with Lat, but there weren't enough cards I wanted to play and Lat's ability heavily restricted my play. I was getting more than 5 cards a game from the id ability, but had to make sacrifices to do it. Chaos Theory solved those problems and also let me play more of the game without a console. Speaking of which:

Supercorridor: This is a vestigial remnant from when this was a Lat list and needed the memory. This deck doesn't need it. Going forward I'm going to try replacing this with aniccam, mem chip, or just remove it. One extra memory lets you smc for your second mantle or have all 3 installed, but that rarely comes up.

Mu Safecracker (or the lack thereof): I couldn't justify the influence. It would require dropping stimhack (not a big deal) and either swap corroder for gauss -- which is a reasonable downgrade -- or drop a penumbral toolkit -- which is pretty risky considering how few sources of stealth credits there are in this format. I suppose you could cut Taka, but that would be the best way of paying for the multi-access. Instead, I just stuck to the classic RDI plan.

Modded: Despite being the namesake of this tournament series, I'm not sure how good this card is. I have a tendency to draw my breakers and not my smc's (in fact, I'm pretty sure afterimage was in my opening hand every game this tournament). In those cases, modded is good, but there's not a ton to install with it.

This deck has been a lot of fun for a shaper player like me, but I think there aren't many changes I would want to make to it, so I may start tinkering with another deck in the future. I'm also happy to answer and questions about the deck in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who played in the tournament and to the tournament organizers for putting this on every month.

Link to my corp list here

10 Nov 2020 ZeroCool

the secret to this deck is that adam is really, really good at Netrunner

10 Nov 2020 ValkyriezGaming

I agree with you about cutting Supercorridor and if you do that, Modded has to go. I added your list to my decks, and after cutting those 4 cards I think the best additions was 2x Khusyuk, 1x Akamatsu Mem Chip. For the 40th card I went with 1x The Maker's Eye. With simulchip and mem chip on the board, Mantles and taka the Khusyuks have lots of 1c targets to get a 6 card look, and with 2x RDI and Makers, you can do a 5 card dig.

I wasn't sure what the simuls were for but I'm assuming its for the trashing and recurring of mantle?

10 Nov 2020 thepooterlooter

@ValkyriezGaming Yeah, the simulchips are for SDS and cute tricks. You can get double smc, you can refresh a mantle mid-run, stuff like that. As for the Khusyk, I'm inclined to play maker's eye over it, but I'll try it out. I go back and forth as to whether Kati us good since it's often hard to spare the clicks. So I guess I could switch her to armitage and make Khusyuk better.

10 Nov 2020 ValkyriezGaming

I think with ProCo you probably dont want Armitage in there. You're almost always better off clicking Kati and saving money and doing proco and playing a card.

11 Nov 2020 Diogene

@thepooterlooter Why not use Smoke?

I've used the deck and added 3x Akametsu Chip, and it did not especially need the MU from the ID. The 3x Akametsu help a lot with Khusyuk and Smoke let me have that extra stealth cred for glacier corps.

Great deck, I've enjoyed it. Setup time seems to be a bit faster with this setup. Thanks.

11 Nov 2020 ZeroCool

@Diogenethis is for modded, core set + NISEI sets so no smoke :(

12 Nov 2020 Diogene

@ZeroCool Thanks. Now I understand.