Spark and Taxes- Undefeated in GLC Modded October 2020

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thepooterlooter 35

I decided this month to mess around with NBN just to see if I could make it work. The pros: NBN has a great agenda suite and the best ice in the format. The cons: there's not a lot of good ice (which makes some otherwise strong cards too hard to play), the id's don't have a lot of support for their playstyle (Spark included), and the tag punishment isn't good enough to justify what you have to do to land a tag. However, what Spark let me do is demand way more money from the already-poor runner economies than they could muster. That's the plan here: make them pay. Most of the time I score behind 1 (or ideally 2) tollbooth. A fish friend or robobuddy generally making theft impossible. Ideally, you'll want to install 2 cheap ads and ice hq on turn 1, making the runner click twice for credits before they can sure gamble and keep after their money from there.

Card choices:

Adonis Campaign: Surprisingly bad. The issue is mostly that it's too much to rez. With the cheaper ads, you don't really mind spending the rez cost to make the runner lose a credit, even if they immediately trash it, but with Adonis, losing 4 just isn't worth it. I found myself only rezzing it in my scoring remote when I could pay for my ice, so I didn't much need the money anyway. I'm going to experiment with wall to wall and product placement going forward. On that note;

Product Placement: I don't think this card does enough on it's own. The other ads will generate some advantage after being rezzed, but this one not so much. That said, I think I'll be messing around with it and I'll see if it can earn it's spot. Something to note is that this deck tends to have more money than it needs since you only need to rez a few ice and the ads are usually too expensive to trash.

Hedge Fund/IPO: These are generally staples so it may seem strange to justify them, but my last opponent (playing the same ID but with a different strategy) suggested cutting them since money is often not much of an issue. For IPO in particular, I have found that I usually don't need the money from it when I play it. I'll have to mess around with cutting it in the future.

Data Raven and F2P: So, it may seem strange to have 3 of the latter and only 1 of the former since raven is generally better ice. The thing is, the playable killers break raven for the same or less than paying through F2P. Additionally, since the runner is usually broke, the only tag punishment can be ignored. When the runner goes tag-me, raven is pretty useless. Also, runners won't know that they don't need a killer, so they'll still install one.

Spiderweb: I only added this for the last game and it didn't end up mattering, so I don't know how good this is. There's not much in the way of good NBN ice so I tried to import something slightly taxing to keep up the amount of ice. This could probably be a data raven and free up some influence.

I've been enjoying this deck more than I thought I would (I'm usually a Weyland player). I'll likely tinker with it some more and move onto a new deck after working out the remaining kinks. I'm also happy to answer and questions about the deck in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who played in the tournament and to the tournament organizers for putting this on every month.

Link to my runner list here

10 Nov 2020 ZeroCool