Persephone v2

amavric 1492

13 Nov 2020 ransomman

This was beautiful to watch in action. For those who didn’t see it live, Andrej used Tinkering to give a Slot Machine Sentry, then ran through it over and over with 2 Persephones installed to mill the Corp out.

13 Nov 2020 gilesdavis

This list is hot.

13 Nov 2020 infinitejester00

In before DOTW.

14 Nov 2020 Diogene

Amazing jank. Watching the development of it was super fun also. Thanks for sharing the list so fast, it is appreciated.

5 Dec 2020 wowarlok

I played this deck in a small for fun event and won most of the games. The most fun i've had in a while!