Retired Motivational Speaker v2

TheRyanBurke 1954

The Game Plan

  1. Use Express Delivery, Quality Time, and Hostage to sprint to Motivation+Oracle May and Logos.
  2. Use remaining card draw and newly installed Oracle May to work on Underworld Contacts
  3. Get The Source and some Fall Guys out.
  4. Siphon/Shutdown until you have Keyhole.
  5. Keyhole until you pass out.


  1. NACH is your counter to Breaking News and Posted Bounty. It also drastically reduces momentum loss from Account Siphon.
  2. Having vast quantities of money is your counter to SEA Source and Midseason. If you suspect these cards, play all your Globalsec and don't float less than ~5c than the corp has. You have every tool you need to outpace any corp economy.
  3. This is the best turn: Oracle May, add to Kati, add to Crypsis, (do anything else). If you can safely do that, it means you're winning. If you did that and earned three or more credits at the start of your turn, you will win this game.
  4. Don't be afraid to face check ICE to get the corp to spend money.
  5. Save the Legwork for desperate times. You can sometimes Legwork twice in a turn with Same Old Thing to try and close out a game.
  6. Jackson Howard is your enemy. If you Keyhole and see a Jackson and a 5/3, trash the Jackson unless you're at 4pts.
  7. If you have Oracle before Motivation, you can safely name Resource and use her AFTER you have secured Keyhole in hand or on the board.

Counters (yeah, I'll give em to you)

  1. Install, advance, advance ALL of your agendas and assets. The WORST thing that can happen to Iain is to let the corp score a 5/3 agenda.
  2. Have 5/3 agendas in your deck. See (1.) above.
  3. Delay scoring your first agenda until you can immediately follow up with a second attempt at scoring. Don't give Iain those 2c until you can wait no longer.
  4. Stack your ICE on R&D and your scoring remote. Yeah, you will be Siphoned, but make it just taxing enough that it's not a real win for either side.
  5. Try to delay your Jacksons til the end game. If you have a hidden/protected Jackson on the board when Iain goes for the Keyhole kill, you will be in a much better position.
1 Jun 2014 Duxmar

VERY solid deck, and it looks like you've pruned the only weakness I was able to expliot in the previous version, no one is going to power shutdown a Crypsis.

How is the Oracle May/Motivation engine working for you? I always worry I'm giving too much away when I tell the corp the cards I may draw, and it looks like you're going all in on the motivation to make sure you get it early. I understand the other cards that pair with motivation (Namely Eureka!) are too high influence to put in here, so i wonder if you're getting enough with 1/3 of your influence.

As usual, rediculously solid, and love reading your thoughts on how this plays and how to play against it!

2 Jun 2014 Friff14

Is there a reason you took out the Smith & Wesson? I like it for Jackson. Maybe it needs something else to counter Jackson too.

2 Jun 2014 TheRyanBurke

It felt unnecessary. Easy enough with Crypsis to go snipe Jacksons. Once the corp knows that an HQ run with S&W out could mean losing Jackson, they will just use him anyway.

2 Jun 2014 TheRyanBurke

@Duxmar Oracle May + Motivation is incredible. One click for 2 bucks and a card is insane. Totally worth the influence, in my opinion. I don't mind revealing the cards either. A good corp should be preparing for standard Criminal events and breakers to drop.

The corp I need to play is Cerebral Imaging that goes from 0-7 in one or two turns. Curious to see if Keyhole and The Source are sufficient stopping power. I'll try to schedule a game with @crimsonwraith.

5 Jun 2014 hypomodern

I haven't felt a need for a S&W in my build, which struggles against NBNFA but has economy for days. It's a weird playstyle for sure, but lots of fun!

5 Jun 2014 hypomodern

You should consider a singleton blackmail, for maximum Weyland trollin', btw :).

20 Jul 2014 Him

Having tried multiple variations of Iain Stirling since the release of Honor & Profit, I think this is the most consistent deck list so far. Congratulations.

6 Aug 2014 Diegofsv

This deck is one of the most fun decks I played in a while. This is exactly what I was trying to have with Iain since he came out. Awesome.

25 Oct 2014 Kroen

Any way to cut a Donut in?

25 Oct 2014 Kroen

(perhaps -1 QT -1 Motivation?)

27 Feb 2015 Butters

Do you find the corp purges virus off Crypis much? How many do you normally store on him? Have you considered Overmind and switching Access to Globalsec with Dyson Mem Chip? And adding a e3.

27 Feb 2015 hypomodern

I would not run Overmind here (you need to be able to sustain run pressure, and Criminals aren't prepared to do that with Overmind), but I have switched to centrals-only breakers. I would probably run Medium over Keyhole these days, but I haven't seriously tested or refined Iain since the run-up to US Nationals 2014.

Here's the list as it was sleeved at that time: