Go for Broke (Lockdown 10 winner)

Cpt_nice 1222

"It doesn't do much, it just wins games, maybe" - Vesper

After choosing my Lockdown 10 runner, I didn't have a ton of options for my corp, seeing as how I tend to go for combined scores below 9/10 for these events. I considered playing my mediocre Hyobou deck from Lockdown 8 again, but then I came across mcg's BABW list and decided to play something similar, putting me at a comfortable score of 8.

I knew from the start I wanted to play Divested Trust over Hostile Takeover, as that agenda has impressed me ever since I've played it in Blue Sun. Another change I made was changing High-Risk Investment (which I figured wouldn't do a whole lot) for City Works Project and making room for Dedication Ceremony. This was an adjustment that really helped out with the kill plan, although I did have to give up some econ for it.

The deck lost in the first round against a strong Freedom list, where I also got extremely flooded. Then it didn't lose another game the entire day, beating Chaos Theory, Reina, Jesminder and Null. Two wins were via score and two via kill.

As always, special thanks to Vesper for his tireless efforts into organising these tournaments. And thanks to everyone who joined one of the past 10 events. Very excited for season 2!

16 Nov 2020 Diogene

Very nice! I've always liked the BaBW ID. I completely agree with your analysis of Divested Trust over Hostile Takeover.

How is the economy of the deck? With 18 ices, and Punitive, it would seems a struggle to have the abundand economy needed to use Punitive. Was it the case sometime? Also, why no Too Big To Fail or Preemptive Action?

Thanks for all the deck sharing you do.

16 Nov 2020 Cpt_nice

@Diogene Thanks for your comment. Econ was totally fine. Rashida would have been nice but that was banned in this format. Most of the ice is pretty cheap and a few tend to make you money (Akhet, Mausolus, Blockchain). Also, keep in mind that runner econ in this format is a bit weaker than in standard.

I am not a fan of TBTF in glacier builds. Sure, this deck kills too, but you can also easily score out. Bad pub makes glacier decks sad. TBTF is for The Outfit (where it gives you more credits) or Argus (who focus more on kill).

16 Nov 2020 Diogene

@Cpt_nice You are right about TBTF. This season, I'm trying to get a better understanding of Weyland and so many decks use TBTF, only to make their own ices trivial to pass. You comment give me a better insight into this.

About Preemptive Action. Would not even one allow you to bring back econ cards (or trashed agendas), thus giving you an edge for those longer game, while diluting a bit the agenda density?

Thanks for you insight.

16 Nov 2020 Cpt_nice

@Diogene I did miss the Preemptive, but I didn't know what to cut. 18 ice is the bare minimum in a Jinja deck imo, I wanted 3 Dedication and dropping a transaction just to shuffle back other transactions that you MIGHT draw is not good either. I even had to play 2 Wall to Wall instead of the 3 I prefered. Slots were an issue.

I guess if you REALLY want the Preemptive, cut 1 Beanstalk? Or drop W2W entirely and add a third Beanstalk and 1 Preemptive. I don't know how you play Rashida then though.

18 Nov 2020 mcg

Thanks for the shout out! BABW is such a fun, simple ID. Good honest Netrunner (apart from Jinja City Grid maybe). I can certainly agree City Works Project is better than High-Risk Investment (as are most other things). Glad it worked so well for you.