[Phil-Legacy]-Smoke-And Mirrors

psh122388 1

Part of a (currently 15) deck collection for casual play. These decks were inspired by the Frankfurt30 decklists with modifications since I don't have the complete set. I created these decks with my collection of Netrunner cards which consists of:

  • 3x Core Set
  • Genesis Cycle
  • Creation and Control
  • Spin Cycle
  • Honor and Profit
  • Lunar Cycle
  • Order and Chaos
  • SanSan Cycle: The Valley, Breaker Bay, Old Hollywood
  • Mumbad Cycle: The Liberated Mind
  • Flashpoint Cycle
  • Terminal Directive

Idea behind the deck: Runs are usually more efficient when using stealth icebreakers. Set up your rig for efficient runs. When the time comes, prepare your big turns (running HQ, R&D, and Archives) to score Notoriety or to have an Encore.

Tips: Use Cold Read to trash unprotected Assets without the need to suffer drawbacks. Find Beth and make efficient runs to whichever server is the least protected! She'll help in making those big turns come sooner.

Note: I was able to print a proxy for 2xPatron for Salsette Island (Mumbad Cycle), but you can replace this with 2xDiesel.