An Exploration of Throwback Format: Professor Faustus

Baa Ram Wu 399

I'm going to be posting a decklist a day looking at the interesting side of Throwback Format deckbuilding.

What is Throwback Format?? Simply put it's Standard but you can add 1 full playset of a rotated card OR play with a rotated ID - Eric aka Whiteblade is running a Charity Tournament on the 5th using this tournament! More info here -

Now please feel free to stick 3x Account siphon into your reg 419 or Caprice Nisei into your Jinteki Glacier but if you could just wake me up afterwards from the coma inducing slumber you have put me in due to your unimaginative deckbuilding!!

For todays deck we ask, What do you get if you send a Virus to study Classics at Uni?:

Professor Faustus

Throwback Card: Levy AR Lab Access

Ah, Levy AR - a card that seems to enable so much complete NPE runner BS and a staple of almost every deck I made pre rotation!

And you know what's super gross when you have nearly unlimited cards? FAUST! So all we now need is a ridiculous draw engine. Step forward Apex! With his chopbot, reaver engine going he/they/it??? are able to draw up to 4 cards clicklessly a turn - more than enough to power through most Ice with Faust. And did I mention you’re gonna trash most of it with Prey anyway?

This deck is ‘Sans Apoc’ which is probably wrong, even though it is an engine builder, the best way to deal with asset spam here is definitely to just wipe the board and start again. Sloting a couple dropping a harbinger or 2 and a hunting grounds is probably correct)

Mulligan HARD for Chopbot – if you don’t find it in your first 3 turns you have probably already lost!

Black Orchestra is there to handle triple advanced Hortum (just in case) – this could also be a single boomerang, but then I would ideally like at least one Assimilator to pull of some classic Apex tricks – and the chances of you having 5 credits and 2 clicks spare are low!

This is what I would class as a ‘playable’ Apex build – It’s the taking part (as Apex) that counts right!?