Anarch Whizzard 1.0

angst72 50

Advice welcome
21 Nov 2013 x3r0h0ur

This deck lacks focus and tries to do WAY to much. You need to get to 45 cards, and use all 15 influence. sneakdoor is cute but you don't even run nerve agent with it, HQ interface is too expensive. Wyrm feels out of place, and will just be expensive. Retreival run is of no use to you, no program is too expensive to just outright install. Kraken is too expensive and situational.

-2 sneakdoor -2 HQ interface -2 kraken -2 NACH -2 retreival run -2 wyrm -1 surge -1 medium +2 account siphon +1 forged orders +1 deus ex +1 nerve agent

Thats the best I can do. These changes would theme your deck around controlling the corp by using Forged orders and econ denial, while still utilizing the nice virus package of anarch, and running for super cheap with cyber feeders and spinal modem.

22 Nov 2013 angst72

Thanks¸ I'll look into it and post a 1.1 :)