SanSan IN SPACE (salvaged memories)

aruzan 82

A few lines

  • Get a SanSan in the remote, and never advance the 4/2s. Bluff them as rashidas / wall to walls / cvs etc.

  • Excalibur + Border Control is nutty in Earth station on HQ when you're flipped.

  • Crisium is good on HQ for flip blocking especially with Excalibur, but also really good on R&D with medium, and indexing floating around.

  • With the audacity + SanSan you can fast advance out the 4/2s.

  • You really need to get the rashidas / score the 4/2s whenever you have the windows, to afford the san sans / make hq + the remote taxing with enough ice to out tempo them.

  • Losing a rezzed San San can be still tempo positive especially if they either have to pay earth station tax or a second click / run through ice on HQ. So don't worry about only getting 1 use out of one.

  • Archer is a backup if they get setup and you can't just out tempo them via a rush, and need to play a bit more glacier to get the last few points out. You ideally won't really want to rez it as the loss of agenda points really sucks though.