Because Tennin Built It (Or "Woodcutter Still Sucks")

citizenkeen 27

This is my first Jinteki deck, its genesis the realization that Tennin Institute's ability might make Woodcutter not suck.

Fun fact: Woodcutter still sucks, if only because of the influence cost.

Yet the idea remains the same - Tennin is arguably better for advanceable ICE than Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It. While I'm sure a lot of people want to play around with Tennin and traps and agendas, to me, it seemed like Ice Walls and Swarms which just kept growing might be a blast.

Burst economy from Hedge Fund and Celebrity Gift, drip economy from Sundew, Subliminal Messaging, and Swarm.

Twenty ICE might be light. It's lighter than I usually run, but I'm hoping the fear of Snares!, Shocks!, and Fetal AIs (as well as all the Jinteki tricks I'm not actually packing) might temper the Runner's aggression a little. There's a shortage of ETR ICE, but to my understanding that's a truth about Jinteki generally.

Trick of Light, because why not.

Feedback appreciated.

I currently don't have a Mushin No Shin in here, and I'm wondering if I should.