Little Bro Hoshiko (1st at DAVE GNK and Berlin & Friends)

mildesorte10 300


This is the deck that I and my buddy @Longi have been testing lately. It is one of the many variations on the companion Hoshiko. We think companion engine combined with Rezeki provides strong late game which was often problematic for anarchs whose money resources were limited.

On the other hand, even though Hoshiko has fastest start out of all anarchs, the bin breakers are generally weak regarding the speed and, of course, breaking effeciency. To increase the chances against fast decks (namely ASA) we placed our bets on Engolo and tutors that help to find it. Odore totaly wrecks Tour Guide and with three virtual resources surpases MKUltra in most situations. Pleas note that three Paladins are vital for the smooth tempo, resist the temptation to reduce them to two! Gachapons are excellent here, they have 20 targets in the decks.

Only difference in our decks was the inclusion of Self Modyfing Code (can tutor for Medium and can be found by Gachapon) and Fencer Fueno to increase the chances against asset spam decks such as ASA, CtM and RP. For that inclusion me removed two Special Orders.

Finally, we would like to thank TOs, namely to @5N00P1 and @Swiftie for organizing the tournaments since in these times it provides valued distraction and also helps to keep the NR community at least in online touch. Another big thanks goes to Nisei for our Christmass present in the form of Salvaged Memories.

22 Dec 2020 anarchomushroom