Ed's meta relevant Christmas ShadowNet list hit the button

CooK_eD 89

Important announcement


Undefeated in multiple formats.

Midori is the best card in this deck, ID included.

As usual, every card is thematic:

"If lockdown has kept you from your chums, why not join us this holiday season at Jinteki HQ, where we've done more than just add a dash of Vanilla to our baking. We've farmed our own honey, and added a little Jinja spice to our cake, sandwiched with layers of matcha green tea, for the true taste of the land of the rising sun. You won't need a house of knives to get through the delicate pine infused sugar snowflake dusting, and finished with all the trees your heart could dream of. One might call go so far as to call it - a mille coupes mille feuille. Make sure you've left enough daruma (sorry) for our signature JFT tofu, spicier than Rebirth in Apex and truly an improved protein source if you're feeling Mti. And if you need a little more than just hitting f5 when your servers are down, why not head down to the brewery for a boozy Midori Splice cocktail. Who knew Yomi could be so yummy"

Good luck finding a format it's legal in that people will play you at.

Will this win Christmas number 1??

Also remember, the fan entry bake competition is open until 31st December!

Good luck!

22 Dec 2020 Zerothmaxima

I've rarely seen such a finely crafted decklist, or cake. Absolutely top tier craftsmanship and attention to detail on both counts.

23 Dec 2020 CJ

Any reason for the Afshar ?

24 Dec 2020 CooK_eD

@CJ "HQ"

Also nominal protection Vs Siphon