Lat’s Latest Spin

Koschei 49

In my search to find the most reliable Lat deck, I’ve landed on this iteration.

Notes on certain inclusions:

Supercorridor - The primary purpose of this console is the additional MU. The added hand size tends to be ignored in the early game as you are trying to proc Lat’s ability every turn. After you get established it becomes more relevant. The 2 credit boost can trigger somewhat frequently with the Artist, Cache, and Paladin Poemu.

Simulchip - Intended for use with Lady, but can be used for more money or SMC.

Misdirection & Clot - Can be sacrifices to the pawnshop gods in irrelevant matches.

Engolo - Functions in place of an AI when dealing with Excalibur, among other things.

Ika - I selected this breaker because it tends to be the most efficient killer, in my experience. Its downside is mitigated with having Simulchip available, should the corp trash the ice.

Cache - There is some amazing synergy between this card and Supercorridor. Using a variety of cost-altering abilities in tandem with the three separate counters on this card makes matching the opponent’s credit total much easier. Throw down a Cache and use two of the three counters to match, then when the opponent’s turn starts use the third! Or don’t, if it suits the situation.

Clot - Made more relevant because of SanSan City Grid.

Harmony AR Therapy - I included this card for the recurring money and Lady, if needed. Putting a Cache, Harbinger, Simulchip, Diesel, and Sure Gamble is great for the economy engine.

Potential changes - Harmony AR Therapy can be taken out to hit the 45 cards, or swapped with whatever you like. I did not include The Maker’s Eye because I feel this deck has enough economy to hit R&D more frequently. It can absolutely be included, and doesn’t hurt anything.

The icebreaker choices are kept in-faction mostly because of influence, but the Clot could be taken out for a Paperclip. The number of Lady copies could be reduced, making more room for other selections as well. I prefer the safety net of Clot to having Paperclip.

Opening hand choices - I will almost always keep a hand that has the Artist in it. Very rarely will I abandon that, since that card does so much work in every game. A hand that has money and the console also has potential, shooting for the 2 credit bonus early on. The Artist and Supercorridor combo is bonkers if you also have any money in your hand.

Matching your hand size is very important to the success of this deck. Try to make it fire as many turns as you can. It feels a little clunky for the first couple turns, but once your rig starts to fall into place you’ll really feel the benefit.


Edit - I removed the Harmony AR Therapy x3 and put in a third Aesop's Pawnshop. Things seem to run smoother with this alteration.