The Perfect Gita Jayanti and Christmas deck

Sanjay 3080

I made this deck for my Gita Jayanti and Christmas stream yesterday.

How does the deck work?

Theoretically Gingerbread and Panchatantra is a breaker suite and Assimilator + Aesop + Apex is an economic plan. Bold of you to assume the deck works though.

How did the deck do?

Well, I can't play it anymore because it isn't the Jupiter and Saturn like convergence of Gita Jayanti and Christmas any more, it did fine on the day, so the deck is UNDEFEATED FOREVER.

Rationale for deck picks was discussed on stream, but is also here:

The deck is thematically a Gita Jayanti deck because it features cards with the "Oppenheimer quotes the Bhagavad Gita" quote " I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" like Apocalypse and Harbinger. We have The Turning Wheel to represent the cycle of death and rebirth. Also we got Panchatantra in there as another culturally significant collection of Indian stories. And hey, if we are including one set of animal fables, why not include Aesop's Pawnshop.

Also, if we are talking about a story about Arjun at the eve of a battle, why not put Wasteland on there. It's a big of a stretch, but war is tough. Also we included a Shiva card, even though he doesn't seem that important in the Gita, but hey, I don't really know.

The deck is thematically a Christmas deck because we have a star high in the sky, at the Apex, even. Then we ignored the actual Christmas story and instead just focused on it being a celebration of endless consumption and pressuring people to assimilate into a dominant culture. We did hit some Christmas traditions like eating Gingerbread and we tried to call stockings "boots" and justify that when you put your stockings up every year you are re-booting your chimney.

Aesop's Pawnshop was again justified as the probable setting of O. Henry's Gift of the Magi. Also Deus X was a good card for both Gita Jayanti AND Christmas, so at least I didn't totally ignore the religious story of Christmas. But also... sorry Christians!

DreamNet was a gift to Apex. Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry were a gift to my econ efficiency.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

27 Dec 2020 Kobayashi

Apex deserves so much love, DreamNet like new cards and the whole christmas cake.

31 Dec 2020 Raiddinn

Apex can't install Aesop, unfortunately.

1 Jan 2021 Sanjay

@Raiddinn You are right... not face up at least.

But Apex CAN install Aesop face down and then flip it with Assimilator.

Is Apex still good when it costs 5, two clicks and two cards to install? Certainly not as good, that's for dang sure.

5 Jan 2021 Uruz

Hang the noodles up folks, we're done.

5 Jan 2021 Dirjel

"Happy Boxing Day, everyone!"

The SBL is really hurting this list.

8 Jan 2021 @Bookkeeper

Great write-up, makes me want to catch up with the stream rec!