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fredugolon 15

The goals with this deck were:

  • Make incredibly cheap runs with Spinal Modem / Cyberfeeder
  • Avoid Account Siphon (as an experiment)
  • Run with very few credits in the bank
2 Jun 2014 x3r0h0ur

Recurring credits are the future. I would slot the full playset of both datasucker and parasite, I'm not sure hemorrhage is worth the slot at 1, but with imp, I can see it, but you don't have nerve agent, so there's that.

2 Jun 2014 fredugolon

Thanks for the feedback, @x3r0h0ur! Your decks are an inspiration. My rationale for one-of Hemorrhage, Imp and Medium was the combination of Djinn and Deja Vu, which allow you to tutor for them and recover them.

I recently ran this deck against a killer ICE destruction deck (core Weyland) and had a really hard time recovering from virus counter purges late game. I'm considering making room for a single Crypsis (again, tutorable) to help. This deck in particular was giving up a lot of bad pub and I feel like recurring credits with bad pub could make Crypsis very effective.

What are your thoughts?

2 Jun 2014 itsbigfoot

why modded over lucky find? modded does save clicks, but it hits less than half your installables. Also shutdown and deja vu will often get stuck in your hand, I'd go down to 2 of each and work in some card draw

2 Jun 2014 fredugolon

@itsbigfoot I've definitely experienced Shutdown clogging my hand, though I feel as though Deja Vu is an important recovery tool. I will experiment with that. Deja Vu can also mean an extra Shutdown if I've gone down to two and used both of them.

Regarding Modded, you're pretty much on the money. I want clicks. With Cyberfeeder and Spinal Modem, you're rarely hungry for money on runs (I generally aim to spend all of my recurring credits each turn, which is often times one to two runs). With Modded, I'm aiming for Spinal Modem, Yog.0, Mimic and Plascrete. They never sit in my hand too long.

Right now my top considerations are:

  • -1 Emergency Shutdown
  • -1 Deja Vu
  • +1 Crypsis
  • +1 Cyberfeeder / Parasite
  • -1 Imp
  • +1 Modded

Thoughts / suggestions?

2 Jun 2014 fredugolon

Oh, also worthy of note is the fact that Hemorrhage feels like a more effective way to make HQ runs. I consider Djinn to be my mid/late game workhorse. Once I've set up and gotten some pressure on with breakers and Datasuckers, I can choose one or two viruses to put late game pressure on. Hemorrhage gaining tokens with every successful run (period! not just centrals) is just insane. If you can dump a few cards from HQ and then make a run, your hit rate is going up.

2 Jun 2014 Pinkwarrior

I like the idea of a deck that needs little funding and this fits the bill. Personally i would probably run a nerve agent as well as medium, with the djinn you can easily change targets from one to the other if it gets 2 hard on one server. The only problem is squeezing it in.