Because Tennin Built It v2

citizenkeen 27

Updated version of this deck, its genesis the realization that Tennin Institute's ability might make Woodcutter not suck.

Fun fact: Woodcutter still sucks, if only because of the influence cost.

Yet the idea remains the same - Tennin is arguably better for advanceable ICE than Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It. While I'm sure a lot of people want to play around with Tennin and traps and agendas, to me, it seemed like Ice Walls and Swarms which just kept growing might be a blast.

Burst economy from Hedge Fund and Celebrity Gift, drip economy from Sundew, Subliminal Messaging, and Swarm.

Twenty ICE might be light. It's lighter than I usually run, but I'm hoping the fear of Snares!, Shocks!, and Fetal AIs (as well asall the Jinteki tricks I'm not actually packing) might temper the Runner's aggression a little.

Trick of Light, because why not. There's a shortage of ETR ICE, but to my understanding that's a truth about Jinteki generally.

Feedback appreciated.

I currently don't have a Mushin No Shin in here, and I'm wondering if I should.