Debutante Jinteki (old)

Diogene 695

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Regular Jinteki Deck. Traps, shell games, kill the runner. This aim for an easy HB deck to play, while showing some of the faction specific tricks. (French description followed by english).

With Jinteki, it's always about traps and ambushes. Traps

Truc du deck.

  1. Quand on installe Ronin ou Project Junebug, ne mettre qu'un avancement dessus.

  2. Mwanza City Grid va d'abord sur R&D. Il y a 9 cartes qui sont des pièges et chaque agenda est aussi un piège.

ENGLISH. Shell game deck. Taxing ices and agendas easy to advance. This is the jinteki entry deck. If you play jinteki, you must understand traps.