Urban planning

Limes 511

I've been messing around with this deck recently and it seems to be quite effective at killing runners, which makes it a lot of fun. Hostile Infrastructure is a decent tax on the runner's cards when paired with your ID ability, Prisec, and a must-trash card like Urban Renewal, although your aim is not to mill the runner out.

Instead, taxing cards in this way makes you much more effective at using Scorched Earth, since often the runner ends with less than 4 cards in hand and you only need to find and use one. This happily leaves you with an extra click to either play some burst econ before the SEA Source trace, or trash Citadel Sanctuary once you've tagged the runner, or even just draw the pieces you need if an opportunity presents itself.

Much of the thinking behind the deck, particularly the agenda suite, is based on Xandorius' excellent Meat Sweats deck which you should definitely check out.

The primary appeal of the deck, though, is that you get to play Urban Renewal, Hostile Infrastructure, and Wall To Wall in a Builder of Nations deck and are therefore very thematic, which allows you to claim you were just memeing around if you lose.

12 Jan 2021 Diogene

@Limes the Urban Renewal part strongly remind me of kevnburg deck (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/58673/killer-queen-an-explosive-adventure ).

I had redone it using different cards (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/61064/hail-the-queen ).

But Hostile Infrastructure is really strong here, protecting assets. Also, the Global Food Initiative really allowed me to stretch the game a bit (enough to win).

Do you think one copy of Consulting Visit might be worth it? I'm thinking that 1 copy of Subliminal Messaging could provide a possible drip econ, replacing one Hedge Fund, what do you think?

Thanks for the deck, it is a blast to play.

12 Jan 2021 Xandorius


Thanks for the shout-out to Meat Sweats! That deck idea has always been a lot of fun for me, and I think it might have a bigger boost in a Scorched Earth era. A main constructive criticism to my deck was what do you do if a runner just sits back and waits for you to try and score an agenda? I think pushing the runner to actually run with the Hostile Infrastructure and Urban Renewal is the solution there. Great list!

13 Jan 2021 419

@limes congratulations again on World's - was so cool hearing Andrej and Patrick laugh out loud when they realised it was you on Metropole Grid stream 5 days ago with this deck. Did you consider Contract Killer to rez (after a bluff advance twice) for 2 meat damage next turn say, after passing ice net damage ice or urban renewal for a wincon?

also deals Weyland style nicely with Political Operative or Miss Bones or Kati Jones

thank you

14 Jan 2021 419

I guess Gene Splicer is like Contract Killer same cost, same 2 damage (net vs meat) but different alternative payoffs - 1 agenda point vs kill connection. Gene is 2 influence tho.