Val Pals 1.0

Xandorius 303



This is my take on a framework that I originally saw in @lostgeek's list from worlds, found here. He came 8th which is superb, so I figured I'd give the deck a shot. I really liked the piloting style so I made a couple tweaks to account for Salvaged Memories. My main changes were for multi-access and console choices.


I made two main changes to Lostgeek's list: swapping The Turning Wheel to Medium and Patchwork to Keiko.

I think Medium is preferable to Turning Wheel - it accelerates faster and is more significant pressure on R&D. The tradeoff is less HQ pressure. Medium wasn't available during world's 2020 so this is where this list sets itself apart.

Patchwork and Zer0 I found to be too much card loss, especially with a return of grinder style Jinteki decks. Patchwork's main appeal is saving you money, so a swap to Keiko covered that, along with freeing up another to accommodate Medium and Rezeki.


The main attraction in this deck is its smooth economy and simplicity in piloting. The conspiracy breakers are particularly inefficient so you want a lot of money to support them. With 20 events, Mystic Maemi is a good fit. Everything else can be installed with a discount from Paladin Poemu. Using Poemu and Bad Publicity money to install breakers is nice, and Poemu giving you a discount on installing Rezeki and Earthrise Hotel makes your tempo stay strong. Bravado can pressure and gain a lot of credits, especially with a Maemi discount and Bad Pub in use.

All of your cards are geared towards running, making money, or drawing pieces to do the first two things. Early setup or opening hands should consider including a Poemu and/or Rezeki, then draw into pieces you need and install your rig off the Poemu discounts. Rebirth can vary based on the matchup, but Omar is a good default choice. Early Mining Accident is a nice perk too.


I think Deuces Wild is a flex spot in this deck and could be swapped for more tag resistance like No One Home or more HQ pressure like Legwork. I would also consider including a Trickster Taka just to squeeze out some more synergy with Keiko and improve breaker costs even further.

I always like to hear thoughts and suggestions so please leave a comment with what you think!

14 Jan 2021 Xandorius

After a handful more matches, I think a single Trickster Taka is worth including for the extra drip and synergy with Keiko.

I haven't quite settled on the best tag defense. I think No One Home is probably best against Hard-Hitting News and probably best against SEA Source too. You can likely swap a Deuces Wild for that instead. It's a little less flexible, but otherwise your only option is to out-money the corp which can be a challenge. Tossing the second Deuces Wild for a The Turning Wheel could also boost HQ pressure. There's a perk of gathering TTW counters while you medium dig too.