Dedicated Party

Pinkwarrior 2331

Built off of event based econ the Rezeki keep your econ ticking over slowly whilst your events let you rip through your deck at speed.

Aniccam dose loads of work and turn Exclusive Party into a power house that can bring you back from 0 easy.

2xGauss a Euler and Ika so you can pull a full rig out of nowhere and run whilst still having breakers if they get removed.

Inversificator can ruin glacial corps moving all their best ICE out of the way, Whilst Dedicated Processor can beef up any of your breakers to make them even more potent depending on what your seeing.

Rejig can be your program search a boost to Euler/Gauss for a turn a reset of Pelangi or just move Dedicated Processor.

Citadel Sanctuary to deal with tags and kill decks.

1x of each multi access card for R&D, since their all better at different times and this way you can shuffle all 3 back with Harmony AR Therapy plus Legwork which can and dose frequently end games and hit agendas.