Death by thousand taxes

Jtfq99999 89

Inspired by @CyberClick's (FIRST DECK!) Sparkling Credit Denial

TL;DR: Reverse Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future. (PS: Runners feel like dying IRL)

Differences in this list:

  1. Full advertisement
  2. Self defending Bellona, Degree Mill.
  3. Wall To Wall
  5. No punishment


  1. Asset spam advertisements
  2. Rez one per turn to maximise ID proc
  3. Reversed Accounts and Economic Warfare for when they try to do tax evasion
  4. Use Early Premiere to clicklessly advance Reversed Accounts and agendas.


Reverse Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future the runner, preventing them from playing the game. With reasonable draw, the ID can fire on most turns. CSR Campaign helps draw more cards to install. Most assets give money. By denying the runner credits to do anything, they cannot steal Bellona and Degree Mill, which means only 2 points is stealable.

WHY Wall To Wall ?!

  1. Can act as a 4th CSR Campaign, PAD Campaign (Mostly CSR).
  2. Self-bounce to sustain ID procs!!!
  3. Confuse the runner (maybe)
17 Jan 2021 CyberClick

It's a beast! You've brought this deck to another level by denying the runners' cashflow even more and prevent them to play their normal game.


18 Jan 2021 Jtfq99999

Thanks for the inspiration too. It was fun making this deck!