Parasite Host Andromeda - UK Nationals 1st Place Runner

Cerberus 4796

Parasite Andromeda is really strong against tax decks. I have put some thoughts on key cards here...

2 Jun 2014 mplain

Congratz! :) How many participants were there?

2 Jun 2014 Cerberus

UK Nationals was run strangely. It was 16 people, invite only. You had to come 1st or 2nd in a Regional, or come in the top 6 of a 72 person tournament run the day before to qualify.

3 Jun 2014 esternaefil

How did you find your rig assembly to be? Looks like you have to make some choices each match depending on what you're facing. Could leave a lot of dead draws in your deck as the game progresses.

For example, you can either have the sucker/para suite alongside a breaker suite, or you can have sneakdoor beta. But not both, and then only if you have a desperado out.

How did you find this tension played out over the course of the event?

3 Jun 2014 Larro

No R&D dig at all? Wouldn't it be helpful to cut a Parasite and swap Corroder for a Breach, for a pair of R&D Interfaces?

3 Jun 2014 Cerberus

@esternaefil - This is a common question with this deck due to the high number of programs. In all honesty I had no issues with memory in any tournament I've played it (Chronos Protocol, Regionals, Nationals). The reason for this is because may of the programs are short term, Sneakdoor is either used early to grab agendas before a secure remote is established and then force ice on Archives. Alternatively it is used after creating remote pressure so agendas build up in hand, it often scores a number of agendas this way. Parasite is another card that doesn't stay on the board long and works very well with Sneakdoor for thinning/removal of ice, causing cheaper and easier access. Sneakdoor is ditched after a few turns generally.

@Larro - You could cut Parasite for R&DI but I believe Parasite to be better in the current meta. I definitely wouldn't drop a Corroder as remote pressure is really important and there is too much program destruction in some Corp decks for it to be safe to run 1 of breakers. I feel that's personal opinion though and so testing your changes is definitely worth doing.

5 Jun 2014 johncraven

3 faerie, 1 femme, 1 mimic AND 1 ninja? that seems excessive... I don't think the ninja is necessary here.

other than that, looks good to me. I'd probably add Mr. li, cut 1 kati and add hostage.

6 Jun 2014 Cerberus

I like Ninja for Weyland match ups / decks with Archer and Grim. I also like running heavy on sentry breakers so I can run early. But yeah, I realise I like to go overkill on it...