FFG Demo Deck - Runner

scd 190

Partially due to nostalgia and partially to help someone on the GLC Discord, I looked up the old FFG demo decks. I couldn't find lists for them here on nrdb, but perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough and decided to make new lists here, based on this old Reddit post:


Please note, this should be a 30 card deck, but Netrunnerdb won't let you post decks smaller than the ID's minimum size. So, I had to pad them a little. For the Kate deck, please ignore any 6x card and any card taking up influence (so, cut out NetChip, Exclusive Party, and Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI before playing). Include only Shaper and Neutral cards (also cutting out NetChip, which included to keep this under influence).

I still find these decks useful for teaching the game, and would start off by letting the new player play as Runner, then once they won (usually in a game or two, as they are skewed hard toward the Runner), let them flip and try out Corp. The decks cut out lots of systems (traces, bad pub, tags for the most part, meat damage, brain damage), and are single-faction/neutral cards to not confuse new players regarding influence. Games with these decks should be played to only six points.

They're not good decks to play more than a handful of games with, but until we get System Gateway, are still useful for teaching!