Good Old CtM (#5, 3-1 IPT Tournament)

lostgeek 1806


With SanSan City Grid and Sweeps Week being back on the table, playing CtM sounded like a lot of fun. Initially, I believed the deck to be strong, but beatable with good basics as the Runner econ is through the roof right now. I decided to play it anyways to give people maybe a good instructive match against the deck. But it turns out the deck is still very strong even in this extreme economic meta.

Deck plays as always. But this time around, you don't have to use your Team Sponsorship to recur Calibration Testing, since your fast-advance upgrade sticks around. Recur Rashida, and whatever other assets got trashed by the runner. Or create a tower of ice for free on your scoring remote.

Shoutouts to @pinsel for recommending cutting all MVTs, as the SanSan already is a must-trash upgrade itself and replacing them with more ice.