ctz 2906

This is by FAR my favorite corporation entree of 2021.

Do NOT bring this to a local gnk, as meta mates will no longer play with you.

See you next week Andrej!

20 Jan 2021 Murphy

DO NOT REZ THE BOARD. It is a huge liability.

20 Jan 2021 neuropantser

i haven't been this inspired by a decklist since simpleton CI

20 Jan 2021 cranked

i, too, love spending 5 inf on a snare that hits the corp

21 Jan 2021 gilesdavis

Is Andrej baiting becoming the equivalent of The Ocho for Netrunner?

21 Jan 2021 anarchomushroom

this nearly beat one of the greatest netrunner players of all time on stream, this deck is real

22 Jan 2021 gilesdavis

@anarchomushroom has been an elemental smurf THIS WHOLE TIME.

22 Jan 2021 anarchomushroom

@gilesdavis NO COMMENT

23 Jan 2021 CooK_eD

Wouldn't be surprised

23 Jan 2021 Xandorius

What's the main purpose of The Board in this list? A stall when the runner is on match point and about to win?

23 Jan 2021 anarchomushroom

Style points mostly.

23 Jan 2021 anarchomushroom

In actuality, you can combo kill by dumping a bunch of 1 point agendas into archives and when the runner commits to the access you the Board so they take a bunch of damage and get nothing.

23 Jan 2021 Xandorius

Ohh I see. That is flashy!

24 Jan 2021 ctz

This is the correct version that no board, but does have 3 space camp:


26 Jan 2021 Bilby

ppl are gonna be like "oh nice decklist of the week" and actually play this

27 Jan 2021 Diogene

It work and is very taxing. I might have missed it if it was said on stream, but why not 3x Preemptive Action and 1x Genotyping instead? It would bring back more cards for cheaper. Genotyping would be better against Stargate, but it is out of favor with Medium in the meta now.

Fun to play, and fun to lose to it (a good jank is always fun).


30 Jan 2021 waxbanks

Where could I watch this horrorshow on stream?

30 Jan 2021 CooK_eD

@waxbanks youtu.be

Original sauce - youtu.be